The Spectator of 8 Volume 2
A Treatise of Christian Love by the Reverend and Learned Mr Hugh Binning Never Before Printed
A Discourse on the Love of Our Country Delivered on Nov 4 1789 at the Meeting-House in the Old Jewry to the Society for Commemorating the Revolution in Great Britain with an Appendix by Richard Price DD
A Cabinet of Miscellanies by Anthony Pasquin
A Charge Delivered to the Reverend the Clergy of the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry in 1738 and 1739 by Richard Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry
An Appendix to the First Edition of the Morbid Anatomy of Some of the Most Important Parts of the Human Body by Matthew Baillie
The History of King Lear as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden and Altered by George Colman Esq
The Case of the Roman-Catholics of Ireland Wherein the Principles and Conduct of That Party Are Fully Explained and Vindicated
A Sermon Preached Before His Excellency John Jefferies Earl Camden and the Members of the Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Practice of Virtue and Religion In St Peters Church 1798
The Holy Spirit
The Speeches of Iohn Wilkes One of the Knights of the Shire for the County of Middlesex in the Parliament Appointed to Meet at Westminster the 29th Day of November 1774 to the Prorogation the 6th Day of June 1777 of 3 Volume 1
A Familiar Plain and Easy Explanation of the Law of Wills and Codicils And of the Law of Executors and Administrators the Whole Written as Much as Possible Without the Use of Law Words or Terms the Third Edition with an Index
The Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus NB Not Only Mr Woolstons Objections in His Sixth Discourse on Our Saviours Miracles But Those Also Which He and Others Have Published in Other Books
A Guide to the Lottery Or the Laws of Chance Laid Down in a Plain and Intelligible Manner Wherein Is Shewn the Probabilities Arising from Any Proposed Circumstance of Play to Which Is Added a Companion for the Draught-Player
A Dialogue Upon the Gardens of the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Cobham at Stow in Buckinghamshire the Second Edition Corrected
The Mouse-Trap or the Battle of the Cambrians and Mice a Poem Translated Into English by R Lewis [eight Lines of Quotations]
The Fair Circassian a Dramatic Performance Done from the Original by a Gentleman-Commoner of Oxford to Which Are Added Several Occasional Poems by the Same Author the Fifth Edition Corrected
A Vindication of the Bishop of Londons Pastoral Letter in Answer to a Late Pamphlet Entitled an Address to the Inhabitants of the Two Great Cities of London and Westminster
The Life and Character of Miss Susanna Anthony Who Died in Newport June 23 MDCCXCI in the Sixty-Fifth Year of Her Age Consisting Chiefly in Extracts from Her Writings with Some Brief Observations on Them
The Deformities of Fox and Burke Faithfully Selected from Their Speeches Together with Authentic Copies of the Addresses Presented to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty on the Rejection of the East India Bill Introduced by Mr Fox
A Dissertation on Estates Upon Lives and Years Whether in Lay or Church-Hands with an Exact Calculation of Their Real Worth by Proper Tables by Edward Laurence
The Construction and Analysis of Geometrical Propositions Determining the Positions Assumed by Homogeneal Bodies Which Float Freely the Stability of Ships by George Atwood Esq FRS
An Answer to a Pamphlet Calld the Conduct of the Ministry Impartially Examined in Which It Is Proved That Neither Imbecillity Nor Ignorance in the M-R Have Been the Causes of the Present Unhappy Situation of This Nation
The Stone Rejected by the Builders Exalted as the Head-Stone of the Corner a Sermon Preachd at the Opening of the Synod of Perth and Stirling at Perth October 10 1732 1732 the Fourth Edition
A Journey Through the Head of a Modern Poet Being the Substance of a Dream Occasioned by Reading the Sixth Book of Virgil
The Trial at Large of Sir Matthew White Ridley Bart for Criminal Conversation with the Wife of MR William Brumwell Before Lord Kenyon at Guildhall March 4th 1793
The Rod or the Sword the Present Dilemma of the Nations of England Scotland and Ireland Considered Argued and Improved In a Discourse from Ezekiel Chap XXI Ver XIII by Robert Fleming VDM the Second Edition
The Income and Expenditure of Great-Britain of the Last Seven Years Examined and Stated by Robert Rayment
An Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions Revised by Several Gentlemen Well Skilld in the Mathematics
The Speech of the Right Honourable John Earl of Clare Lord High Chancellor of Ireland in the House of Lords of Ireland on a Motion Made by the Earl of Moira Monday February 19 1798 Fourth Edition by Authority
A Catalogue of Maps Prints Copy-Books Drawing-Books c Histories Printed and Sold by William and Cluer Dicey at Their Warehouse Opposite the South Door of Bow-Church in Bow-Church-Yard London
A Collection of All the New Songs c Sung This Season at Vauxhall Ranelagh Marybone Gardens the Theatres Sadlers Wells and by the Choice Spirits Most Humbly Inscribed to the Warblers of the Age
A Treatise of Antient and Present Geography Together with a Sett of Maps Designd for the Use of Young Students in the Universities by Edward Wells
The New Entertaining Frisky Songster Or Muses Holiday Being a Collection of Favourite English Scots and Irish Songs Catches c Containing the Best of Those from the Year 1700 Down to the Present Time
The Young Orator Containing a Collection of Lessons in Elocution Taken from the Best English and French Writers Selected for the Use of Loughborough-House School
The Castle of Otranto a Story Translated by William Marshal Gent from the Original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto
The Wedding-Day a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Henry Fielding Esq
An Appeal to the People of Ireland by W P Carey Late Proprietor of the National Evening Star and Intended Proprietor and Printer of the New Evening Star First Part Second Edition
The Miser a Comedy by Henry Fielding
The Thoughts of a True Briton Concerning Gibraltar
An Interest-Book at 45678 Per C from 1000 L to 1l for 1 Day to 92 Days and for 36912 Months Exactly Examined by John Castaing the Third Edition
The System a Poem with Notes in Five Books by the Rev Joseph Wise Vol I of 1 Volume 1
Barbier de Siville Ou La Pricaution Inutile Comidie En Quatre Actes Par M de Beaumarchais Reprisentie 1775 Le
The Medical Mirror Or Treatise on the Impregnation of the Human Female Shewing the Origin of Diseases and the Principles of Life and Death by E Sibly Illustrated by Elegant Copper-Plates
An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope Esq Enlarged and Improved by the Author with Notes by William Warburton Ma
An Actual Survey of the Great Post-Roads Between London and Edinburgh with the Country Three Miles on Each Side Drawn on a Scale of Half an Inch to a Mile by Mostyn John Armstrong Geor
An ACT for Granting an Aid to Her Majesty to Be Raised by a Land-Tax in Great Britain for the Service of the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Nine
A Journal of the Expedition to Carthagena with Notes in Answer to a Late Pamphlet Entitled an Account of the Expedition to Carthagena
The Proceedings of the House of Lords Concerning the Scottish Conspiracy and the Papers Laid Before That House by Her Majesties Command Relating Thereunto
A Sermon Preached Before the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut at Hartford on the Day of the Anniversary Election May 8th 1755 by Moses Dickinson AM Pastor of a Church in Norwalk
The Secret History and Memoirs of the Barracks of Ireland
A Narrative of the Transactions Between the Rev Mr John Crofts and Mr Daniel Jones the Younger of Fakenham
The Tragical History of King Richard III Alterd from Shakespear by Colley Cibber Esq
The Book of Common-Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments Together with the Psalter
The Robbers a Tragedy Translated from the German of Frederick Schiller
The Examination of Joseph Galloway Esq Late Speaker of the House of Assembly of Pennsylvania Before the House of Commons in a Committee on the American Papers with Explanatory Notes
A New Literal Translation from the Original of the Apostle Pauls First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians with a Commentary and Notes by James Macknight
The Spectator of 8 Volume 3
The Young Christian Instructed in Two Parts by Henry Stebbing DD the Sixth Edition Corrected and Improved
A Catechism to Be Learned by Children Before They Are Confirmed by the Bishop for the Use of the Scotch Episcopal Church
A Defence of the Late National Fast on Principles of True Religion Sound Policy by Thomas Wood
The Spectator of 8 Volume 5
The Hibernian Magazine or Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge for
The Necessity and Due Qualifications of Receiving the Holy Sacrament in Two Sermons Preachd at Warkley in Devon by James Henwood
An Examination of a Book Intitled the True Sonship of Christ Investigated And His Person Dignity and Offices Explained and Confirmed from Sacred Scriptures
An Essay Upon Indulgences by E S
A Letter from a Member of the Marine Society Shewing the Piety Generosity and Utility of Their Design with Respect to the Sea-Service at This Important Crisis Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged
A List of the General and Field-Officers as They Rank in the Army of the Officers in the Several Regiments Complete to the Tenth of February
A Vindication of a Sermon Preached at Braintree Third Parish December 25th 1749 Being an Answer to a Piece Intitled Some Friendly Remarks on Said Sermon in a Letter to the Remarker
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
The Spectator of 8 Volume 8
The Spectator of 8 Volume 7
The Primer Or Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The Notions of the Methodists Farther Disprovd in Answer to Their Earnest Appeal c with a Vindication of the Clergy of the Church of England from Their Aspersions in a Second Letter to the Reverend Mr John Wesley
The Little Spelling Book or Childs Best Instructor a Pleasing Introduction to Spelling and Reading Ornamented with Cuts
The Whole Art of Legerdemain Or Hocus Pocus in Perfection Together with the Use of the Several Instruments Belonging Thereto Written by H Dean
The Lisbon Guide Containing Directions to Invalids Who Visit Lisbon With a Description of the City and Tables of the Coin Weights and Measures of Portugal
The Whole Life and Merry Exploits of Bold Robin Hood Earl of Huntingdon to Which Are Added Several Songs Not in the Former Impressions with Cuts Adapted to Each Story
The Destruction of the French Foretold by Ezekiel Or a Commentary on the Thirty-Fifth Chapter of That Prophet Intended as a Specimen of Mr Romaines Manner of Interpreting Scripture
A Dictionary of Literary Conversation Third Edition
The Life of John Howard Esquire LLD and FRS
A Museum for Young Gentlemen and Ladies Or a Private Tutor for Little Masters and Misses the Twelfth Edition
A Letter to the Rev Mr John Jackson Occasioned by His Remarks on Dr Middletons Free Inquiry Into the Miraculous Powers Supposed to Have Subsisted in the Christian Church from the Earliest Ages
The Poets Gallery Fleet-Street Catalogue of the Sixth Exhibition of Pictures Painted for T Macklin by the Artists of Britain Illustrative of the British Poets and the Bible
A Series of Papers on Subjects the Most Interesting to the Nation in General and Oxford in Particular Containing Well-Wishers to the University of Oxford and the Answers Collected Together and Submitted to the Judgment of the Publick
The Law of Parliament in the Present Situation of Great Britain Considered the Second Edition
A Plain Answer to the Plain Reasoner Wherein the Present State of Affairs It [sic] Set Not in a New But True Light In Contradiction to the Reasoner Who Advises the Continuance of a Land-War and Doubling Our Debts and Taxes
A Report of the Proceedings and Opinion of the Board of General Officers on Their Examination Into the Conduct of Lieutenant-General Sir John Cope Colonel Peregrine Lascelles and Thomas Fowke the Third Edition
The Town and Country Almanack for the Year MDCCLXXVIII the Calculations by MR James Dinwiddie
The Fatal Consequences of the Want of System in the Conduct of Public Affairs
A True Copy of Oliver Cromwells Manifesto Against Spain Dated October 26 1655 with a Preface and Some Remarks by the Editor
A Compendium of Simple Arithmetic In Which the First Rules of That Pleasing Science Are Made Familiar to the Capacities of Youth
A Reply to the Speech of the Speaker as Stated to Have Been Delivered on the 17th of February 1800 the Fourth Edition
A Collection of Odes Songs and Epigrams Against the Whigs Alias the Blue and Buff In Which Are Included Mr Hewerdines Political Songs
A Letter from Some Aged Nonconforming Ministers to Their Christian Friends Touching the Reasons of Their Practice August 24 1701 the Third Edition Corrected and Enlarged with Some Practical Advice
The East India Kalendar Or Asiatic Register for Bengal Madras Bombay Fort Marlborough China and St Helena for the Year 1791
A Review of the Policy Doctrines and Morals of the Methodists
The Conscious Lovers a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants Written by Sir Richard Steele the Fourth Edition
The Trial of John Hart Esq Alderman of London For Adultery and Cruelty
The Constant Couple Or a Trip to the Jubilee a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane by Her Majestys Servants
The Indictment Trial and Condemnation of Admiral Keppel for Knowingly Bringing Into the Court-Martial His Own Natural Countenance to the Great Confusion of Sir Hugh Palliser Together with Many Other High Crimes
The Secret History of the White-Staff Being an Account of Affairs Under the Conduct of Some Late Ministers and of What Might Probably Have Happened If Her Majesty Had Not Died
A Discourse on the Study of the Law of Nature and Nations Introductory to a Course of Lectures on That Science by James Mackintosh
A PostScript to the New Bath Guide a Poem by Anthony Pasquin
The Art of Surveying or Measuring Land Containing I the Work to Be Performd in the Field II Concerning Protracting Reducing III Measuring Inaccessible Heights and Distances
The Mysterious Marriage or the Heirship of Roselva a Play in Three Acts by Harriet Lee
The Earl of Essex a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Mr Henry Jones
The Famous and Pleasant History of Parismus the Valiant and Renowned Prince of Bohemia in Three Parts the Eighth Edition
An Essay Upon the Royal Recreation and Art of Cocking by William Machrie
The Beaux Stratagem a Comedy Written by Mr George Farquhar
A Letter from Sir Robert Rich Baronet to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Barrington His Majestys Secretary at War
A Discourse of Voluntary Servitude Wrote in French by Stephen de la Boetie
An Account of the Use Application and Success of the Bath Waters in Rheumatic Cases by William Falconer
The Jurisdiction of the Chancery as a Court of Equity Researched and the Traditional Obscurity of Its Commencement Cleared with a Short Essay on the Judicature of the Lords the Third Edition to Which Is Added a Table
The History of the Origine of the French Laws Translated from the French by J B Esqr With a Preface and Notes Shewing the Analogy of the Laws of the Antient Gauls and Britons
An Address to the People of Ireland on the Subject of the Projected Union by Thomas Goold Esq
A True and Authentic Account of Andrew Frey Containing the Occasion of His Coming Among the Herrnhuters or Moravians His Observations on Their Impious Doctrines and Fantastical Practices Faithfully Translated from the German
A Familiar Introduction to the Study of Electricity by Joseph Priestley the Third Edition
The Succession of the House of Hannover Vindicated Against the Pretenders Second Declaration in Folio Intitled the Hereditary Right of the Crown of England Asserted c Written by Mr Asgill
The Idylliums of Moschus and Bion Translated from the Greek with Annotations to Which Is Prefixed an Account of Their Lives by Mr Cooke
A Short Sketch of a Plan for the Improvement of Education in This Country Most Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of Parliament by Thomas Sheridan AM
The Fair Penitent a Tragedy by Nicholas Rowe Esq
A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Rev John Taylor with Some Account of His Character and Writings by E Harwood
A Copy of the Charter of the City of Lincoln Granted by King Charles the First in the Year of Our Lord 1628
An ACT for Granting to His Majesty Several Rates and Duties Upon Coaches and Other Carriages Therein Mentioned And for Raising the Sum of One Million by Way of Lottery to Be Charged Upon the Said Rates and Duties
A Funeral Sermon Preachd Upon the Death of Samuel Wright of Daventry Gent Who Deceased August 22 1711 at the Devizes by John Filkes
A Collection of Declarations Proclamations and Other Valuable Papers Published by Authority at Edinburgh in the Years 1745 and 1746
The Trial of Isaac Prescott Esq a Captain in the Royal Navy for Wanton Tyrannical Unprovoked and Savage Cruelty Towards Jane Prescott His Wife Setting Forth the Whole of the Evidence Upon That Remarkable Trial
A Practical Treatise of the Plague and All Pestilential Infections That Have Happend in This Island for the Last Century with a Prefatory Epistle Addressd to Dr Mead by Joseph Browne LLMD the Second Edition
The Life of Sir Robert Cochran Prime Minister to K James III of Scotland
The Distrest Mother a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants by Mr Philips the Third Edition
A Review of the Shipping System of the East-India Company With Suggestions for Its Improvement and the Advantages of the Indian Commerce to the Company
The Provokd Husband Or a Journey to London a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majestys Servants Written by the Late Sir John Vanbrugh and Mr Cibber
The Force of the Argument for the Truth of Christianity Drawn from a Collective View of Prophecy in Three Parts by John Rotheram the Third Edition
The Critic or a Tragedy Rehearsed a Dramatic Piece in Three Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane By Richard Brinsley Sheridan Esqr [the Third Edition]
A Critical Enquiry Into the Ancient and Modern Manner of Treating the Diseases of the Urethra with an Improved Method of Cure by Jesse Foot the Fourth Edition with Additional Cases
The Way to Get Married A Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden by Thomas Morton
A Prosaic Translation of Aulus Persius Flaccuss Six Satyrs Translated by Henry Eelbeck
The London Catalogue of Books in All Languages Arts and Sciences That Have Been Printed in Great Britain Since the Year MDCC with Their Sizes and Prices
A Defence of the Rights of the Christian Church Against a Late Visitation Sermon Intitled the Rights of the Clergy in the Christian Church Asserted Preachd by W Wotton the Second Edition
A Letter to Sir Richard Aston Knt One of the Judges of His Majestys Court of Kings Bench and Late Chief Justice Containing a Reply to His Scandalour [sic] Abuse and Some Thoughts on the Modern Doctrine of Libels
A Collection of Original Comic Songs and Others Never Before Published by Oddibus Funnybus Esq
A Defence of the Conduct of the Court of Portugal With a Full Refutation of the Several Charges Alleged Against That Kingdom with Respect to Ireland Originally Written in the Portuguese by a Gentleman of Distinction
The Physicians a Satire with Other Poems to Which Is Added a Specimen of an Enquiry Concerning the Mind the Second Edition
Ph dri Augusti C saris Liberti Fabularum sopiarum Libri Quinque Cum Paraphrasi Perpetua Oper Thom Johnson
Sermons Dedicated to Her Royal Highness Princess Amelia by the Rev Thomas Buckridge
French Aggression Proved from Mr Erskines View of the Causes of the War With Reflections on the Original Character of the French Revolution and on the Supposed Durability of the French Republic by John Bowles Esq Third Edition
Principles of Politeness and of Knowing the World Part II Addressed to Young Ladies by the Reverend Dr John Trusler the Second Edition
A Theory of the Winds Shewing by a New Hypothesis the Physical Causes of All Winds in General as It Was Read to the Royal Society by Bernard Annely
The Wooden World Dissected In the Character of a Ship of War As Also the Characters of All the Officers from the Captain to the Common Sailor Viz I a Sea-Captain II a Sea-Lieutenant by the Author of the London Spy
Sermons on the Evidence of a Future State of Rewards and Punishments Arising from a View of Our Nature and Condition In Which Are Considered Some Objections of Hume by William Craven
En Oligo Christianos the Almost Christian Discoverd Or the False Professor Tryed and Cast Being the Substance of Seven Sermons the Twelfth Edition by Matthew Mead
The World Displayd Or Several Essays Consisting of the Various Characters and Passions of Its Principal Inhabitants
The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England Containing the Representations of All the English Monarchs from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth the Whole Carefully Collected from Antient Illuminated Manuscripts by Joseph Strutt
The Rational Farmer Or a Treatise on Agriculture and Tillage Second Edition to Which Are Added Some Useful Notes Together with a Short Essay on the Dearness of Corn by Matthew Peters
A Sequel to the Experiments and Observations Tending to Illustrate the Nature and Properties of Electricity by William Watson FRS the Second Edition
Disquisitions Metaphysical and Literary by F Sayers MD
A Second Letter to the Hon Thomas Erskine Containing Farther Strictures on His View of the Causes and Consequences of the War by John Gifford the Second Edition
Sketches of Description Taken on Sailing from Newport in the Isle of Wight to Lymington With a Return by Southampton to Cowes
Fables Moral and Sentimental in Familiar Verse by W Russell
Memoirs of the Life and Administration of the Late Andrew-Hercules de Fleury Cardinal of the Roman Church by an Impartial Hand
Considerations Reconsidered Being a Reply to a Pamphlet Lately Circulated Relative to a Trial on the Sixth of June 1792 in an Action for Defamation Brought by Thomas Meade Esquire Against the Reverend Charles Daubeny by T M
Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Late Pious and Learned Mr James Owen Minister of the Gospel in Salop
Original Compositions in Prose and Verse on Subjects Moral and Religious by Miss J Fenno of Boston
Poems by Charles Churchill in Three Volumes with Large Corrections and Additions to Which Is Added the Life of the Author Adorned with Cuts the Sixth Edition of 3 Volume 3
Oeuvres de Mr Le Chevalier de Boufflers of 2 Volume 2
LAnalyze Des Echecs Contenant Une Nouvelle Methode Pour Apprendre En Peu de Tems Se Perfectioner Dans Ce Noble Jeu Par A D Philidor
A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England with Lists of Their Works in Two Volumes the Third Edition Corrected and Enlarged of 2 Volume 1
The Lousiad an Heroi-Comic Poem Canto II with an Engraving by an Eminent Artist by Peter Pindar Esq the Fourth Edition
The Poets Fate a Poetical Dialogue by George Dyer
A Description of Buxton and the Adjacent Country Or the New Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen Resorting to That Place of Health and Amusement
The History of a Pin as Related by Itself by the Author of the Brothers a Tale for Children c
The Comical History of Don Quixote as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Dublin Part 1 Written by Mr dUrfey
The Sermons of Mr Yorick in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 1
A Congratulatory Letter to Selim on the Three Letters to the Whigs
A Third Letter to the Reverend Dr Sherlock Being an Answer to His Considerations Offered to the Bishop of Bangor with an Appendix in Vindication of a Passage in the Former Letter Against Dr Snape by Arthur Ashley Sykes
Harley Davidson in detail 2019 The most beautiful detailed pictures from the world of Harley Davidson
The Alchemist a Comedy First Acted in the Year 1610 by the Kings Majestys Servants with the Allowance of the Master of Revels the Author B J
A Defence of Praying Before Sermon as Directed by the Lvth Canon
The First Ode of Horace Copied from a Ms in My Collection of the Editions of His Works Written as Is Supposed about Two Hundred Years Before Printing
The Squire of Alsatia a Comedy as It Is Acted by His Majestys Servants Written by Thomas Shadwell Esq
The Illustrious and Renownd History of the Seven Famous Champions of Christendom in Three Parts the Seventh Edition
The Law Established by the Faith of Christ a Sermon Preached at Providence Chapel on the First Day of January 1786 by William Huntington SS
A Military Discourse Whether It Be Better for England to Give an Invador [sic] Present Battle or to Temporize and Defer the Same with an Appendix Now Published by Nath Booth
An Essay on Parliament and the Causes of Unequal Representation Also a Specimen of Some Necessary Regulations with a Prospect of General Reform
The Wanderings of the Imagination by Mrs Gooch in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Gouvernante Com die Nouvelle En Cinq Actes En Vers Par M Nivelle de la Chauss e La
The Life and Adventures of Roxana the Fortunate Mistress Or Most Unhappy Wife in Three Parts
The Alchemist a Comedy First Acted in the Year 1610 by the Kings Majestys Servants the Author Ben Johnson
The Lovers Secretary Or the Adventures of Lindamira a Lady of Quality Written to Her Friend in the Country in XXIV Letters Revisd and Corrected by Mr Tho Brown the Fourth Edition
Belle Sans Chemise La
The Protestant Interest Considered Relatively to the Operation of the Popery-Acts in Ireland
A Catalogue of Prints and Books of Prints Both Ancient and Modern After the Most Eminent Masters Among Them Are the Following Books of Prints the Works of Capt Baillie by Hooper and Davis No 25 Ludgate-Hill
A Copy of the Poll for Knights of the Shire for the County of Oxford Taken at Oxford April 1754 from the Check-Books of the Clerks of Lord Wenman and Sir James Dashwood Bart
An Essay on Man in Four Epistles to a Friend Enlarged and Improved by the Author a New Edition
A Letter to Sir William Meredith Bart in Answer to His Late Letter to the Earl of Chatham
An Essay Tending to Prove That Christianity Has Promoted the Happiness of Man as an Intellectual Moral and Social Being
An Answer to a Pamphlet Entituld Frauds and Abuses at St Pauls with an Appendix Relating to the Revenues and Repairs of That Cathedral
The American Kalendar or United States Register for 1794
The Communion Office with Prayers Which May Be Used Occasionally Before and at the Time of Receiving the Sacrament to Which Is Prefixed an Address to the Neglecters of It by a Layman the Third Edition
A Form of Common-Prayer for Morning and Evening Fitted for the Use of Christians of All Denominations to Which Are Added Four Plain and Short Homilies the Second Edition
A Collection of Poems by Several Hands
The Bird Fanciers Recreation Being Curious Remarks on the Nature of Song-Birds with Choice Instructions Concerning the Taking Feeding Breeding and Teaching Them
An Authentic History of the Late Revolution at Amsterdam
A List of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce London July 3 1765
An Essay on the Gift of Tongues Proving That It Was Not the Gift of Languages in a Letter to a Friend
An Explication of That Proposition Contained in Mr Glasss Answers to the Synods Queries Together with a Letter Concerning Communion in the Lords Supper
A Sketch of the History of Two Acts of the Irish Parliament of the 2D and 8th of Queen Anne to Prevent the Further Growth of Popery
A Collection of Anthems as the Same Are Now Performed in the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity Dublin
The Commercial System of Ireland Reviewed and the Question of Union Discussed in an Address to the Merchants Manufacturers and Country Gentlemen of Ireland
A Short History of All the Parliaments of England in All Reigns Shewing the Use They Have Made of Their Parliamentary Power Their Principles Politicks Conduct c
An Inquiry Concerning Faith
The Resignation Discussed in Which Many of the False Facts Are Detected and Sophistical Reasonings Refuted In a Pamphlet Intitled an Apology for the Late Resignation c the Second Edition
The Minor a Comedy Written by Mr Foote as It Is Now Acting at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane the Fourth Edition
The South Briton a Comedy Written by a Lady
The Commissary a Comedy in Three Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market by Samuel Foote Esq the Fourth Edition
The Sacramental Part of the Eucharist Explaind in a Charge Delivered in Part to the Clergy of Middlesex at the Easter-Visitation 1739 by Daniel Waterland
An Enquiry Into the Prices of Wheat Malt and Occasionally of Other Provisions as Sold in England from the Year 1000 to the Year 1765
The Fatal Effects of the Present Rebellion Exemplifyd in a True But Melancholy Account of the Life and Death of Mr Sydenham in Two Letters from a Gentleman at Manchester to His Friend in London
An Essay Upon the True Principles of Civil Liberty and of Free Government Occasioned by the Levelling Doctrines of the Day in Which Is Also Discussed the Roman Catholic Claim to the Elective Franchise in Ireland by Charles Francis Sheridan Esq
A Catalogue of the Remaining Part of This Collection of Prints Being Matchless Both for Number Variety Beauty and Scarcity Which Will Be Sold by Mr Greenwood on Tuesday the 21st Day of February 1786
The Mourning Bride a Tragedy by Mr Congreve Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Regulated from the Prompt-Books
The Distrest Mother a Tragedy by Mr Philips
The Life of T P Atticus with Remarks by Richardson Pack Esq
A True Ecclesiastical History from Moses to the Time of Martin Luther in Verse by Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury Made English from the Latin Original
The Ton Or Follies of Fashion a Comedy by Lady Wallace
The Complaint Or Night-Thoughts on Life Death Immortality Night the Fifth
The Conduct of the Royal Academicians While Members of the Incorporated Society of Artists of Great Britain Viz from the Year 1760 to Their Expulsion in the Year 1769 with Some Part of Their Transactions Since
An Essay on the Improvement of Midwifery Chiefly with Regard to the Operation to Which Are Added Fifty Cases Selected from Upwards of Twenty-Five Years Practice by Edmund Chapman Surgeon
The Life of Mr John Gay Author of the Beggars-Opera c
The Wife of Bath a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields Written by Mr Gay Revised and Altered by the Author
A Dissertation on the Welsh Language Pointing Out Its Antiquity Copiousness Grammatical Perfection by John Walters
A Vindication of the True Deity of Our Blessed Saviour in Answer to a Pamphlet Entituled an Humble Enquiry Into the Scripture-Account of Jesus Christ c by J Boyse
A Collection of Poems Principally Consisting of the Most Celebrated Pieces of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams
The Ordinary of Newgate His Account of the Behaviour Confession and Dying Words of the Malefactors Who Were Executed at Tyburn in the Mayoralty of the Right Honourable Henry Marshal Esq Lord-Mayor
An Account of the Wonderful Cures Performd by the Cold Baths with Advice to the Water Drinkers at Tunbridge Hampstead Astrope Nasborough by Dr Browne
An Enquiry Into the Nature Order and Government of Bees Those Instructive and Useful Insects Written by the Reverend Mr John Thorley the Third Edition Illustrated with Copper-Plates
The Conventicle Or a Narrative of the Dissenters New Plot Against the Present Constitution in Church and State Humbly Addressd to Her Majesty a Fortnight Before Her Death by One of the Principal Conspirators the Second Edition
The Dunciad an Heroic Poem in Three Books the Second Edition
A Review of the Three Great National Questions Relative to a Declaration of Right Poynings Law and the Mutiny Bill
A Discourse Concerning Gods Act of Adoption to Which Is Added a Discourse Upon the Inheritance of the Adopted Sons of God
The London Hermit or Rambles in Dorsetshire a Comedy in Three Acts as Performed with Universal Applause at the Theatre Royal Haymarket Written by John OKeeffe Fourth Edition
A Reply to the Rev F Randolphs Scriptural Revision of Socinian Arguments Vindicated by Benjamin Hobhouse
The Mourning Bride a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Smock-Alley
The Rights of Kings Or Loyal Odes to Disloyal Academicians By Peter Pindar Esq a New Edition
The Beggars Opera as It Is Now Acted by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Gay a New Edition
The Governess Or the Little Female Academy Calculated for the Entertainment and Instruction of Young Ladies in Their Education by the Author of David Simple the Sixth Edition Revised and Corrected
The Gentlemans and Citizens Almanack Compiled by John Watson Stewart for the Year of Our Lord 1797
The Revenge a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by E Young
The Trial of Ford Lord Grey of Werk at the Kings-Bench-Barr on Thursday the 23d Day of November AD 1682 for Unlawful Tempting and Inticing the Lady Henrietta Berkeley
The Uninterrupted Succession of the Ecclesiastical Mission Asserted And the Appeal (in the Preservative Against the Principles and Practices of the Non-Jurors c) to the Consciences of the Christian Laity Discussd
The Temper Character and Duty of a Minister of the Gospel a Sermon Preached Before the Synod of Glasgow and Air at Glasgow Aprile [sic] 7th 1741 by William Leechman the Fourth Edition
The History of Oracles in Two Dissertations by M De Fontenelle Translated from the Best Edition of the Original French
A Catalogue of Hot-House and Green-House Plants Fruit and Forest Trees Flowering Shrubs Herbaceous Plants Tree and Kitchen Garden Seeds Perennial and Annual Flower Seeds Garden Mats and Tools by William Malcolm
The Female Geniad A Poem Inscribed to Mrs Crespigny by Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger of Portsmouth Written at the Age of Thirteen
The History of Timon of Athens the Man-Hater as It Is Acted at the Dukes Theatre Made Into a Play
The Mistake a Comedy Written by Sir John Vanbrugh
A Scheme to Prevent the Exportation of Wool Unmanufacturd Most Humbly Submitted to the Right Honourable the Two Houses of Parliament by Henry Laybourne Ma
An Historical List of All Horse-Matches Run and of All Plates and Prizes Run for in England and Wales in 1728 by John Cheny
A Catalogue of the Pictures c in the Shakspeare Gallery Pall-Mall
A Practical and Grammatical Introduction to the Latine Tongue by Sir Thomas Parkyns of Bunny Bart for the Use of His Grand-Son and of Bunny School the Third Edition with Many Additions
A Catalogue of Several Parcels of Books Lately Purchased Including the Libraries of the Rev Mr Thomas Archer and the Rev Mr Benjamin Archer to Be Sold on Monday February 1 1768 by Walter Shropshire
The Old Englishmans Letters for the Poor of Old England by William Homer
The Principles of Duelling With Rules to Be Observed in Every Particular Respecting It by Lieutenant Samuel Stanton
The Roman Father a Tragedy Written by Mr W Whitehead Taken from the Managers Book at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden
An Account of the Culture and Use of the Mangel Wurzel or Root of Scarcity Translated from the French of the Abb de Commerell the Second Edition
The Heiress a Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Ninth Edition
An Appeal to the Public on the Subject of the National Debt a New Edition with an Appendix by Richard Price DD FRS
The State of the Nation with a General Balance of the Publick Accounts
The Poetical Works of Samuel Johnson LLD Complete in One Volume a New Edition
A Discourse Concerning the Salvation of Rich Men Written Originally in Greek by Clemens Alexandrinus Done Into English by J Jones
The Wooden World Dissected in the Characters of I a Ship of War II a Sea-Captain by a Lover of the Mathematicks the Second Edition Corrected and Amended by the Author
A Treatise of the System of the World by Sir Isaac Newton Translated Into English
The Fair Circassian a Dramatic Performance Done from the Original by a Gentleman-Commoner of Oxford to Which Are Added Several Occasional Poems by the Same Author the Thirteenth Edition
An Account of the Discoveries Made in the South Pacifick Ocean Previous to 1764 Part I
The Temple Beau a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Goodmans-Fields Written by Mr Fielding
A List of the Absentees of Ireland and the Yearly Value of Their Estates and Incomes Spent Abroad with Observations on the Present Trade and Condition of That Kingdom by Thomas Prior the Third Edition With Additions
The Man of Taste a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal the Third Edition
The Tragedy of Jane Shore Written in Imitation of Shakespears Style by N Rowe Esq the Second Edition
A Catalogue of Books for 1783 Containing a Variety of Scarce Articles in Every Branch of Literature Which Will Be Sold by John Marsom
American Independence the Interest and Glory of Great Britain Or Arguments to Prove That Not Only in Taxation But in Trade Manufactures and Government the Colonies Are Entitled to an Entire Independency on the British Legislature
Displayed Under an Epitome of the Reign of Each Sovereign in the English History of 6 Volume 5
Elements of Universal History for Youth Faithfully Extracted from the Best Authors Carefully Abridged Agreeable to the Most Exact Chronology
Observations on the Justificative Memorial of the Court of London Paris Printed by the Royal Authority
The Highlander A Poem In Six Cantos
Trigonometry With an Introduction to the Use of Both Globes and Projection of the Sphere in Plano to Which Is Subjoind an Appendix Applying the Doctrine of Plain Triangles to the Taking of Heights and Distances by John Wilson
The Mine A Dramatic Poem to Which Are Added Two Historic Odes by John Sargent Esq the Third Edition
Ninetta Or Chi Dellaltrui Si Veste Presto Si Spoglia a Comic Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market the Music by Signor Cimarosa Under the Direction of Signor Giardini
The Courtesan by the Author of the Meretriciad
Istoria Dei Poeti Italiani Ad USO De Principianti Nella Lingua Italiana Dal Signor Curioni
Arithmetica Infinita or the Accurate Accomptants Best Companion Contrivd and Calculated by the Reverend George Browne AM and Printed for the Author Anno 17 17 18
Arthur OConnors Letter to Lord Castlereagh
An Address to the Whig Club With an Essay on the Judicial Discretion of Judges on Fiats and on Bail
Crosbys Pocket Companion to the Playhouses Being the Lives of All the Principal London Performers to Which Are Subjoined Particulars of the Life of Mr Dibdin
Misconceptions of Facts and Mistatements of the Public Accounts by the Right Hon John Foster Speaker of the Irish House of Commons Proved Corrected in a Letter to Wm Johnson Esq from the Rev Dr Clarke [third Edition]
Sacred Poems on the Following Subjects The Resignation Meditations to Which Is Prefixed the Choice by John Jones
Displayed Under an Epitome of the Reign of Each Sovereign in the English History of 6 Volume 4
La Cosa Rara A New Comic Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music Entirely New by Signor Martini Under the Direction of Mr Mazzinghi
Sulmiste Et Sergi Ou lAmi Des Enfans Par Mr Desenfans
Jobs Creed Or Confession of Faith a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Reverend Mr Edward Wallin Who Departed This Life June 12 1733 in the 55th Year of His Age Preached June 18 by John Gill
Memoirs of the Life and Convincement of That Worthy Friend Benjamin Bangs Late of Stockport in Cheshire Deceased Mostly Taken from His Own Mouth by Joseph Hobson
Rules for Preserving Health Particularly with Regard to Studious Persons in Three Treatises Translated from the Spanish of the Rev Father Feyjoo
The Art of Playing at Skittles Or the Laws of Nine-Pins Displayed Shewing Both the Old and New Methods of Forming General Goes and Tips Also an Address to Publicans by A Jones Esq
A New Spelling-Book Containing Large Tables of Words from One to Eight Syllables Regularly Ranged from the Easiest to the Most Difficult Compiled from the Best Authorities
A Catalogue of the Choice and Valuable Libraries of William Norton Gent and Mr Benjamin Wright Which Will Be Sold Very Cheap at J Boydells Shop Over-Against the Chappel in Rusell Court Near Bridges-Street
Fanaticism and Treason Or a Dispassionate History of the Rise Progress and Suppression of the Rebellious Insurrections in June 1780 a New Edition Corrected and Enlarged
The Gazetteers or Newsmans Interpreter the Second Part Being a Geographical Index of All the Empires Kingdoms in Asia Africa and America Shewing the Division and Boundary of Every Country to Whom Now Subject
de lExpidition de Quiberon Par Un Officier Franiois a Bord de la Pomone
Olivia Or Deserted Bride by the Author of Hortensia in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 3
That Space Is Necessary Being With the History of Nothing Having Premised to It the Whole Contents of This Philosophical Creed of Which This Is One Article by the Reverend Mr Conyers Place
Excerpta Ex C Corn Tacito de Situ Moribus Et Populis Germanii Etiam Julii Agricoli Vita
Universal Tables of Interest and Commission for One Hundred Thousand Pounds Principal or Under the Third Edition by S Bladon
Men and Manners a Novel in Four Volumes by Francis Lathom of 4 Volume 3
An Essay on the Bilious or Yellow Fever of Jamaica Collected from the Manuscript of a Late Surgeon by Charles Blicke
Elements of Morality for the Use of Children With an Introductory Address to Parents Translated from the German of the Rev C G Salzmann in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
M Velleii Paterculi Historii Romani Qui Supersunt
Augustus Or an Essay of Those Means and Counsels Whereby the Commonwealth of Rome Was Alterd and Reducd Unto a Monarchy
The Wisdom of Connection The Wisdom of Connection Is about the Lost Heritage of Africans and the Whole World in Unity and Mutual Guarantee the Interconnections in Nature and Humanity It Touches on the History of Civilization and the Impacts of Connections or the Lack
The Complete Annuitant Consisting of Tables of Interest Simple and Compound by Benjamin Webb
The New Weeks Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper as Appointed and Practised by the Church of England Part the Second
Adam Smith Author of an Inquiry Into the Wealth of Nations and Thomas Paine Author of the Decline and Fall of the English System of Finance a Critical Essay Published in All Languages
de la Nature Humaine Ou Exposition Des Facult s Des Actions Des Passions de lAme Par Thomas Hobbes Ouvrage Traduit de lAnglois
A Discourse Concerning the Necessity of Believing the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity As Professd and Maintaind by the Establishd Church of England in the First of the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion
Stella a Pastoral Romance Translated from the French of Mon de Florian by Miss Elizabeth Morgan of 2 Volume 2
Britains Golden Mines Discoverd Or the Fishery Trade Considered in a Letter from Sally Fisher at Paris to Mally Loverus at London
A Laymans Faith Being a Review of the Principal Evidences of the Truth of the Christian Religion Interspersd with Several Curious Observations by a Free-Thinker and a Christian
Williamsons Directory for the City of Edinburgh Canongate Leith and Suburbs from June 1775 to June 1776
La Bagatelle Intended to Introduce Children of Three or Four Years Old to Some Knowledge of the French Language in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Six Sermons on Important Subjects by Josiah Tucker
Lovers Vows a Play in Five Acts from the German of Kotzebue by Mrs Inchbald
Poetry by the Author of Gebir And a PostScript to That Poem with Remarks on Some Critics
Elegies of Tyrtius Translated Into English Verse With Notes and the Original Text
Infancy or the Management of Children A Didactic Poem in Six Books the Fifth Edition by Hugh Downman MD
Remarks on a Catechism Publishd Under the Title of the Assemblys Shorter Catechism Revised and Renderd Fitter for General Use the Assemblys Own Catechism Is Likewise Added as an Appendix
The Amour of Venus Or the Disasters of Unlicensd Love a Poem in Four Parts by Mr Morrice
The True-Born Englishman A Satyr Answerd Paragraph by Paragraph the 2D Edition Corrected
Peri Lithon de Lapidibus Poema Orpheo a Quibusdam Adscriptum Grice Et Latine Ex Editione Jo Matthii Gesneri Recensuit Notasque Adjecit Thomas Tyrwhitt Simul Prodit Auctarium Dissertationis de Babrio
The Socinian Champion Or Priestleyan Divinity A Poem by Philochristos
Poems by the Rev Gerald Fitz-Gerald Now First Collected in One Volume Revised and Improved by the Author
On the Construction of the Heavens by William Herschel Esq FRS Read at the Royal Society February 3 1785
Or Memoirs of the B-R-D Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles the Third Edition
Altemira a Tragedy as It Is Now Acted at the New-Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majestys Servants Written by the Right Honourable Roger Late Earl of Orrery And Revisd by the Honourable Charles Boyle Esq
Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations by R Sibbes DD to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author a New Edition
Idie Ginirale Historique de la Constitution Unigenitus Ou Lettre Qui Renferme
Nouveaux Principes de Lecture dicriture dOrthographe dArithmitique igalement Utiles Aux Maitres Maitresses dicole i Leurs ilives Par M Helie Seconde Edition Revie Et Corrigie
Michael Malard His Address and Representation of Grievances to His Most Gracious Majesty King George by Michael Malard
Sermons on the Religious Education of Children Preached at Northampton by Philip Doddridge DD
Poems Containing the Retrospect Odes Elegies Sonnets c by Robert Lovell and Robert Southey
Hymns for Those That Seek and Those That Have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ the Third Edition
The Voice of One Crying in a Wilderness Or the Business of a Christian Represented in Several Sermons by Samuel Shaw
Instructive Rambles Extended in London and the Adjacent Villages Designed to Amuse the Mind and Improve the Understanding of Youth by Elizabeth Helme in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
A Companion in a Visit to Netley Abbey To Which Is Annexed Netley Abbey An Elegy By George Keate Esq
Addressed to the Ladies of 2 Volume 1
Jonah A Poem
Memoirs of Elizabeth Farnesio the Present Queen Dowager of Spain Containing Her Intrigues and Ambitious Views Till the Year 1746 Translated from a Spanish Manuscript
A Vindication of the Bible from the Censures of the Deists and the Inconsistencies of Popery and Calvinism Being Some Remarks on Many Wilful Errors of the Moral Philosopher and on the Scheme of Literal Prophecy by Eben Hewlett
Traiti de la Mithode Antique de Graver En Pierres Fines Comparie Avec La Mithode Moderne Et Expliquie En Diverses Planches Par Laurent Natter
A Review of the Polite Arts in France at the Time of Their Establishment Under Louis the Xivth Compared with Their Present State in England in a Letter to Sir Joshua Reynolds by Valentine Green
Four Sermons I on the Death of Queen Mary 1694 II on the Death of the Duke of Gloucester 1700 III on the Death of King William 1701 IV on the Queens Accession to the Throne in 1703 by William Lord Bishop of St Asaph
Two Letters on Infant-Baptism Letter I the Connection Between Baptism and the Kingdom of Heaven Considere Letter II Some Remarks on Ten Letters to Mr John Glas by John Huddleston
Nine Letters to the Rev Mr John Horsey Or an Answer to His Defence of Infant Baptism by John Martin
Harcourt A Sentimental Novel in a Series of Letters by the Authoress of Evelina of 2 Volume 1
Collections Relating to Henry Smith Some Time Alderman of London The Estates by Him Given to Charitable Uses And the Trustees Appointed by Him
Catalogue Des Livres Franiois Italien [sic] c de Antoine Gerna Libraire a Dublin Actuellement No31 College-Green
The Foundation of Moral Goodness Or a Further Inquiry Into the Original of Our Idea of Virtue by a Clergyman the Third Edition
The Scripture Doctrine of the Appropriation Which Is in the Nature of Saving Faith Stated and Illustrated In Several Discourses by John Anderson with a Recommendatory Preface by James Robertson
The Rudiments of Music Or a Short and Easy Treatise on That Subject the Third Edition with Considerable Additions by Robert Bremner to Which Is Annexed a Collection of the Best Church-Tunes Canons and Anthems
Peters Pension a Solemn Epistle to a Sublime Personage with an Engraving by an Eminent Artist by Peter Pindar Esq Third Edition
Essay the Fifth Or Present or Future Happiness the Result of All by Christopher Robinson
A Modest Enquiry How Far the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England and the Creed Ascribed to St Athanasius Are Consistent With and Supported by Each Other And with the Declarations of Jesus Christ by Anthony Fothergill
Reflexions Upon the Study of Divinity to Which Are Subjoined Heads of a Course of Lectures by Edward Bentham the Second Edition
A Confirming Catechism Shewing the Reasons of the Christian Religion Prepard for the Use of Adult Catechumens by John Reynolds the Fifth Edition
Bethiah the Glory Which Adorns the Daughters of God and the Piety Wherewith Zion Wishes to See Her Daughters Glorious [two Lines from Canticles]
Paradisi Amissi Liber Primus Grice Cum Celebri Versione Latina Rev Gulielmi Dobson
Alessandro Nelle Indie a Serious Opera to Be Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music by Handel Piccini and Other Eminent Composers Under the Direction of Signor Ferdinando Bertoni
LOracle de Ce Siecle Consulti Par Les Souverains de la Terre Ouvrage Singulier Sur Les Affaires Critiques Politiques Du Tems
Reflections on the Structure and Passions of Man Under the Following Heads Viz I on the Structure of Man II on the Passions III the Transitoriness of Life by Paul Hiffernan
Poems by William Mason MA of 2 Volume 1
Considerations on the Nature Origin and Institution of Tithes And the Laws and Customs for Collecting and Enforcing the Payment of Them by a Layman
Mr Griffins Appeal to the Right Hon the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty in a Letter to Their Secretary Against the Sentence Passed on Him at a Court-Martial Held December 3 1750
Poems by Mr Gray
Memoirs of Corsica Containing the Natural and Political History of That Important Island Illustrated with a New and Accurate Map of Corsica by Frederic Son of Theodore Late King of Corsica
Syhoroc Or Considerations on the Ten Ingredients Used in the Adulteration of Bread-Flour and Bread to Which Is Added a Plan of Redress Including a Method to Prevent Effectually Future Artificial Scarcities by Peter Markham MD
The English Garden A Poem in Four Books by W Mason Ma
Am I Not a Man and a Brother with All Humility Addressed to the British Legislature
La Generositi dAlessandro A Serious Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music Entirely New by Signor Tarchi
New Experiments and Observations Concerning Electricity in Four Papers Read at Several Meetings of the Royal Society in the Year 1759 by Robert Symmer with a Letter from John Mitchell to Thomas Birch
Diddanwch Iw Feddiannydd Neu Ganiadau Defosionol Gan Mwyaf O Waith Mr Hugh Hughes c
Arts Treasury of Rarities And Curious Inventions in Two Parts with Divers Other Curiosities the Sixth Edition
Fenelon Or the Nuns of Cambray a Serious Drama in Three Acts (Altered from the French) by Robert Merry
Patriots Calendar for the Year 1796 Containing the Usual English Almanack the French Calendar with the Corresponding Days of Our Stile the Constitution of the French Republic
La Bella Pescatrice a Comic Opera as Performed at the Kings Theatre Pantheon
Jobs Hymns Or a Book of Songs Upon the Book of Job by the Late Reverend Mr Ralph Erskine
Patriots Calendar for the Year 1796 Containing the Usual English Almanack The French Calendar With the Corresponding Days of Our Stile The New Constitution of France
Clifton A Poem in Two Cantos by the Late Henry Jones to Which Is Added an Ode to Shakespear Written by the Same Author Third Edition
A Persii Flacci Satiri Or the Satires of A Persius Flaccus with the Following Improvements in a Method Entirely New for the Use of Schools by John Stirling
Scripture Songs in Three Parts by the Late Reverend Mr Ralph Erskine
Bloedd-Nad Ofnadwy Yr Udcorn Diweddaf Neu Ail-Ddyfodiad Christ I Farnur Byd AR Wedd Pregeth Ynghyd a Rhai Caniadau Deunyddiol I Annerch y Cymru O Waith John Morgan
The Mysterious Husband A Tragedy in Five Acts as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by Richard Cumberland Esq
Poetical Blossoms Being a Selection of Short Poems Intended for Young People to Repeat from Memory by the Rev Mr Cooper
Sermones Funebres a Las Deplorables Memorias del Muy Reverendo y Doctissimo H H y Doctor R David Nieto Por Su Hijo Ishac Nieto
A Preparatory Discourse of Death In Two Parts with an Appendix by Nathaniel Whaley
Short Remarks on Dr Perrys Analysis Made on the Stratford Mineral Water With a Short Essay by Way of Appendix by William Baylies Jun
Navigation Spiritualized Or a New Compass for Seamen to Which Are Added Serious Warnings Against the Sins of Drunkenness Swearing Uncleanness Forgetfulness of Mercies and Contempt of Death by John Flavel
Advice to Youth Or the Advantages of Early Piety Designed for the Use of Schools as Well as Young Apprentices and Servants the Third Edition Corrected and Improved by John Fawcett
Baptism Discovered Plainly and Faithfully According to the Word of God Wherein Is Set Forth the Glorious Pattern of Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ c by John Norcott the Fifth Edition Corrected with an Appendix by Another Hand
Some Remains of That Ancient and Worthy Servant of Christ Daniel Taylor with Several Testimonies Concerning Him
M Tullii Ciceronis de Natura Deorum Libri Tres Accedunt Boherii Davisii Aliorum Insigniores Lectiones Variantes Et Conjecturae
Coelii Sedulii Scoti Poemata Sacra
A Scots Pastoral Comedy Adorned with Cuts the Overtures to the Songs and a Complete Glossary by Allan Ramsay
Sentimens de la Province Sur lEtat Present Des Affaires dAngleterre Ou Certaine Conversation de Certaines Personnes de Certaine Province
Some Very Remarkable Facts Lately Discovered Relating to the Conduct of the Jesuits with Regard to Mr Bower Which Will Greatly Contribute to Unravel the Mystery of That Affair by a Clergyman of the Church of England
The Liverpool Guide Including a Sketch of the Environs With a Map of the Town And Directions for Sea Bathing by W Moss the Third Edition Enlarged
Speed the Plough A Comedy in Five Acts as Performed with Universal Applause at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by Thomas Morton the Third Edition
Speed the Plough A Comedy in Five Acts as Performed with Universal Applause at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by Thomas Morton the Fourth Edition
The Jew A Comedy Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane by Richard Cumberland Esq the Third Edition
LAmi Des itrangers Qui Voyagent En Angleterre Par M Dutens
Christian Equity Or the Royal Law of Doing as We Would Be Done By Stated and Urged in a Sermon Preachd at the Friday-Lecture Appointed by His Grace the Archbishop of York at All-Saints Church in the Pavement in York by James Talbot
A Friendly Call to the Holy Communion Wherein Is Shewn to the Meanest Capacity the Nature and End of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper by a Layman the Ninth Edition
Private Thoughts Upon a Christian Life Or Necessary Directions for Its Beginning and Progress Upon Earth in Order to Its Final Perfection in the Beatifick Vision Part II by William Beveridge the Sixth Edition
The Distrest Mother a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Mr Philips the Fifth Edition
The Way of the World a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Congreve the Second Edition Revised
The British Songster Or the Pocket Companion a Choice Collection of Comic and Entertaining Songs Duets Trios Glees c
LEvangile Du Jour Contenant Discours de lEmpereur Julien Contre Les Chritiens La Canonisation de Saint Cucusin Le Cri Des Nations 1769 of 5 Volume 5
A Second Letter to a Friend in Which Some Farther Objections to the Rev MR Kennedys System of Chronology Are Pointed Out and a New Scheme of Chronology Is Humbly Offered to the Examination of That Gentleman and of the Public
The History of Rasselas Prince of Abissinia a Tale by Dr Johnson Two Volumes in One Cookes Edition Embellished with Superb Engravings
The History of the Absorbent System Part the First Containing the Chylography or Description of the Human Lacteal Vessels Illustrated by Figures by John Sheldon Surgeon FRS
The Proceeding of the Honourable House of Commons of Ireland in Rejecting the Altered Money-Bill on December 17 1753 Vindicated by Authorities Taken from the Law and Usage of Parliament
An Account of the Designs of the Associates of the Late Dr Bray With an Abstract of Their Proceedings
An ACT for Granting an Aid to Her Majesty to Be Raised by a Land-Tax in Great Britain for the Service of the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fourteen
The Tragedy of Zara as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Aaron Hill Esq the Second Edition
The Genuine Trial at Bar Between Campbell Craig Lessee of James Annesley Esq Plaintiff and the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Anglesey Defendant Before the Barons of His Majestys Court of Exchequer in Dublin 1743
The Important Question Discussed Or a Serious and Impartial Enquiry Into the True Interest of England with Respect to the Continent the Second Edition
The Manchester and Salford Directory by Elizabeth Raffald
A New Way to Pay Old Debts a Comedy as It Is Now Acting at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Philip Massinger Gent
The Conspirators Or the Case of Catiline as Collected from the Best Historians Impartially Examind by the Author of the Case of Francis Lord Bacon the Fifth Edition
A Catalogue of a Select and Valuable Collection of Books Recently Collected to Begin Selling for Ready Money Only May 1788 by W H Lunn Cambridge
The Case of Mrs Mary Catharine Cadiere Against the Jesuit Father John Baptist Girard in a Memorial Presented to the Parliament of Aix
A Supplement to the Barbarian Cruelty Or an Authentic Narrative of the Sufferings of the British Captives Belonging to the Inspector Privateer from January 1745-6 to the 8th of December 1750
A Brief State of the Question Between the Printed and Painted Callicoes and the Woollen and Silk Manufacture as Far as It Relates to the Wearing and Using of Printed and Painted Callicoes in Great Britain the Third Edition
An Address to the Whiggs Concerning the Dangerous Tendency of Publick Divisions More Particularly with Relation to the Whigg Interest
An ACT for Granting an Aid to Her Majesty to Be Raised by a Land-Tax in Great Britain for the Service of the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eleven
An ACT for Granting an Aid to Her Majesty by a Land Tax to Be Raised in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Six
The Blackbird Containing One Hundred and Thirty Songs Scots and English to Which Is Added the Songs in Love in a Village and the Maid of the Mill c a New Edition with Additions
The Romans in Greece an Ancient Tale Descriptive of Modern Events Translated from the Italian Copy-Right Secured According to Act of Congress
A Brief Essay Towards an History of the Baptist Academy at Bristol Read Before the Bristol Education Society at Their Anniversary Meeting in Broadmead August 26th 1795 by John Rippon DD
The Guide to Preferment Or Powells Complete Book of Cookery Containing the Newest and Best Receipts in Cookery Likewise the Best Methods of Marketing to Prevent Being Cheated
The Book of Nature Or the True Sense of Things Explained and Made Easy to the Capacities of Children
A Call to Delaying Sinners by Thomas Doolittle
A Poem on the Death of General George Washington Late President of the United States in Two Books by Charles Love [one Line of Quotation in Latin] (Copy-Right Secured According to Law)
A View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion [one Line from Acts] by Soame Jenyns Esq the Sixth Edition
The Baron of Lauderbrooke a Tale by W Holloway
A Dissertation on Letters and the Principles of Harmony in Poetic and Prosaic Composition Collected from Some of the Best Writers [two Lines in Latin from Quintillian]
An Entire New Work Foxs Martyrs Or a New Book of the Sufferings of the Faithful
The Court Register Containing Lists of the Privy Council Lord Chamberlains Office Royal Chapels
The History of Zoa the Beautiful Indian Daughter of Henrietta de Bellgrave And of Rodomond Whom Zoa Releases from Confinement to Which Is Added the Memoirs of Lucy Harris a Foundling
The Life of the Late John Elwes Esquire Member in Three Successive Parliaments for Berkshire First Published in the Paper of the World by Edward Topham the Fifth Edition
A Letter to the Great Man Occasioned by the Letter to Two Great Men in Which Many of That Writers Absurdities Are Detected by a Citizen of London a Disciple of Sidney and Locke
A View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion [one Line from Acts] by Soame Jenyns Esq the Eighth Edition Corrected
A Discourse Putting Christians in Mind to Be Ready to Every Good Work as It Was Delivered in Boston Octob 20th 1706 by Eliphalet Adams [four Lines from Timothy]
Breviaire Des Politiques Par M Gallien de Salmorenc Le
An Essay on the Trachei or Windpipes of Various Kinds of Birds by John Latham from the Transactions of the Linnean Society Vol 4 1798
The Spectator of 8 Volume 6
The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax Some Sermons from Matt XII 20 Contracted for the Good of Weaker Christians by Richard Sibbes the Eighth Edition Revised
The Defence of Captain Digby Dent to the Complaint Made Against Him by Rear-Admiral Knowles Concerning His Behaviour in the Expedition Undertaken Against Saint Jago de Cuba
An Impartial Account of What Passd Most Remarkable in the Last Session of Parliament Relating to the Case of Dr Henry Sacheverell
Letters of Albanicus to the People of England on the Partiality and Injustice of the Charges Brought Against Warren Hastings the Second Edition
A Comparative State of the Two Rejected Money Bills in 1692 and 1769 with Some Observations on Poynings Act and the Explanatory Statute of Philip and Mary by a Barrister the Third Edition with Additions
Practical Observations on the Disease of the Joints Commonly Called White-Swelling With Some Remarks on Scrofulous Abscesses by Bryan Crowther
Lettres Sur La Negociation de lAffaire de Malthe En Pologne Ecrits Par Un Habitant de Varsovie a Son Ami a Londres
Edward and Harriet or the Happy Recovery A Sentimental Novel in Two Volumes by a Lady of 2 Volume 1
Medical Jurisprudence on Madness by John Johnstone
Letters on Missions Addressed to the Protestant Ministers of the British Churches by Melvill Horne
Les Amants Ennemis de la Vertu Et Dorval Philosophe Amoureux of 4 Volume 2
Fruits of a Fathers Love Being the Advice of William Penn to His Children Relating to Their Civil and Religious Conduct a New Edition
Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis Et Chloi Escrites En Grec Par Longus Translaties En Franiois Par Jacques Amyot
Saggio Di Novelle E Favole Di G Polidori
Apollonii Pergii Inclinationum Libri Duo Restituebat Samuel Horsley
Observations on That Disorder of the Corner of the Eye Commonly Called Fistula Lachrymalis by Percivall Pott the Second Edition Improved
Of Gods Mercies An Abstract from Holy Scripture With Some Occasional Remarks by a Lay-Man
Deux Traites lUn Pour La Justification de Berenger Et lAutre Contre Le Pere Sirmond Au Sujet dUn Passage de Facundus
Don Quixote in England a Comedy as It Is Acted at the New Theatre in the Hay-Market by Henry Fielding Esq
The Spanish Rogues Being the History of Donna Rosina a Notorious Cheat and Her Accomplices Translated from the Spanish by Edward Waldron the Thirteenth Edition
Ou bi Or the Virtues of Nature an Indian Tale in Four Cantos by Philenia a Lady of Boston [one Line from Spenser]
Letters on the Confessions of JJ Rousseau by M Gingueni Translated from the French
Animal Magnetism Examined In a Letter to a Country Gentleman by John Martin
M moire Sur lHistoire Naturelle de lIsle de Corse Avec Un Catalogue Lythologique de Cette Isle Par M Barral
Freedom A Poem Written in Time of Recess from the Rapacious Claws of Bailiffs and Devouring Fangs of Goalers by Andrew Brice Printer to Which Is Annexed the Authors Case
Edward and Harriet or the Happy Recovery A Sentimental Novel in Two Volumes by a Lady of 2 Volume 2
Syllegomena of the Antiquities of Killmackumpshaugh in the County of Roscommon and Kingdom of Ireland in Which It Is Clearly Proved That Ireland Was Originally Peopled by igyptians Written by Doctor Hastler
Cinnas Conspiracy a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants
The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year 1780 Published by Order of the Commissioners of Longitude
A Particular Account of the Solemnities Used at the Coronation of His Sacred Majesty King George II (Our Late Most Gracious Sovereign) and of His Royal Consort Queen Carolina on Wednesday the 11th of October 1727
A Compendious History of the Old and New Testament Extracted from the Holy Bible and Adapted to All Capacities and Adorned with 120 Curious Copper Cuts the Sixth Edition Corrected
A View of the Present State of Ireland Containing Observations Upon the Following Subjects Viz Its Dependance Linen Trade Provision Trade Woolen Manufactory Intended for the Consideration of Parliament
The Parnassian Garland Forming the Poetry of the Monthly Visitor Vol I and II
A Collection of Hymns for the Use of That Part of the Church of Christ Assembling Together in Chapel-Street Mile-End New-Town by William Taubman
The Childs Delight Or Mirth and Morality (Now First Published) for the Amusement and Instruction of Youth Embellished with Cuts
The Topers Delight Or a Pipe of the Best Poetically Delineated in Imitation of Mr Pope Colley Cibber Extracted from the Magazines c to Which Is Added a Great Variety of Merry Catches in Praise of Good-Eating and Much-Drinking
The Orphan Or the Entertaining History of Little Goody Goosecap Containing a Variety of Adventures Calculated to Amuse and Instruct the Lilliputian World by Toby Teachem
A Third Letter to a Member of the Present Parliament on the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide Directory of France by the Late Right Hon Edmund Burke Fourth Edition
A Voyage to Sicily and Malta Written by Mr John Dryden Junior When He Accompanied Mr Cecill in That Expedition in the Years 1700 and 1701
A Memorial for the Perusal of the Grand Preservative of Peace and Allegiance Both in His Majestys Absence From and Presence with Us by the Impartial Hand of a Country Divine Who Has Lately Taken the Oaths
The East India Kalendar Or Asiatic Register for 1798 a New Edition
A Collection of Psalm Tunes in Three Parts Adapted to Each Measure as Now Sung in Several Churches Chaples [sic] and Meeting Houses in and about London to Which Are Added 2 Anthems 2 Canons by Is Smith
An Exhortation to Alms-Deeds Written Originally in Spanish by the R F Lewis of Granada And Now Translated Into English the Second Edition
A Narrative of What Passed at Killalla in the County of Mayo and the Parts Adjacent During the French Invasion in the Summer of 1798 by an Eye Witness
The Laitys Directory For the Church Service for the Year of Our Lord MDCCXCV to Which Is Added Times for Gaining Indulgences Obituary and New Years Gift c
The New Weeks Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper as Appointed and Practised by the Church of England
A Short Catechism Containing the Fundamental Principles of Christianity Originally Published in the German Tongue Afterwards Translated Into French and Now Translated Into English with a Preface by Sir Richard Hill Bart
The Manufacturer Salesman Merchants Assistant Part Second on a Plan Entirely New Showing at One View the Neat Per Centage on Any Sum to Which Is Added a Diary
A Choice Collection of Family Prayers for Every Day in the Week to Which Are Added a Few Divine Poems by the Collector Jos Miller School-Master
A Short View of the Political Life and Transactions of a Late Right Honourable Commoner to Which Is Added a Full Refutation of an Invidious Pamphlet Entitled an Enquiry Into the Conduct of a Late Right Honourable Commoner
The Royal Charter of Confirmation Granted by His Most Excellent Majesty King James II to the Trinity-House of Deptford-Strond For the Government and Increase of the Navigation of England
The Blossoms of Early Genius and Virtue Containing a Great Variety of Juvenile Memoirs and Anecdotes
A List of the Subscribers of the Yorkshire Association
A Day in Turkey Or the Russian Slaves a Comedy as Acted at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden by Mrs Cowley
A Preparatory Service to a Devout and Worthy Reception of the Lords Supper
The Garden Or the Art of Laying Out Grounds Translated from the French of the Abb de Lille
An Answer to a Letter to a Late Noble Commander of the British Forces in Which the Candor Is Proved to Be Affected the Facts Untrue the Arguments Delusive and the Design Iniquitous
The Renowned History of Primrose Prettyface Who Was Raised from Being the Daughter of a Poor Cottager to Great Riches
The Town and Country Almanack for the Year MDCCLXXXV
A Review of the Political Conduct of the Hon C J Fox Addressed to the Celebrators of His Birthday and Other Admirers
An Authentic Copy of the Charter and Bye-Laws c of the City of Rochester in the County of Kent Published for the Information of the Members of That Corporation in the Year 1749 by Order of John Waite Then Mayor
The Literary Bouquet a Selection of Essays in Prose from Admired Authors a New Edition
A Brief Extract or Summary of Important Arguments Advanced by Some Late Distinguished Writers in Support of the Supremacy of the British Legislature and Their Right to Tax the Americans by a Liveryman
The English Registry for the Year of Our Lord 1752 Or a Collection of English Lists Fitted to Be Bound Up with Watsons Almanack
The Will of King Henry VII
A Collection of Papers Against the Scots Toleration and Patronages That Have Been Printed or Presented to Her Majesty to Which Is Added the Abjuration Oath
An Essay on the Lords Prayer By Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder
An Appeal to Popular Opinion Against Kidnapping and Murder Including a Narrative of the Late Atrocious Proceedings at Yarmouth With the Statements Hand-Bills c Pro and Con by John Thelwall
A Plain Account of Conversion and of the Doctrines Contained in St Pauls Epistle to the Romans Affectionately Addressed to the Parishioners of Carleton Rode and Bunwell Norfolk from Their Late Curate W Ward AM
A Letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt Esq in Answer to the Aspersions Cast Upon Them by Admiral Byng and His Advocates
An Inquiry Into the Policy of the Penal Laws Affecting the Popish Inhabitants of Ireland in Which the History and Constitution of That Country and the Rights of Colonies and Planters Are Briefly Considered
A Catalogue of the Library of Richard Wright Which Will Be Sold by Auction by T and J Egerton on Monday April 23d 1787
The Adventures of Captain Gulliver in a Voyage to the Islands of Lilliput and Brobdignag Abridged from the Works of the Celebrated Dean Swift Adorned with Cuts
The Gazetteers Or Newsmans Interpreter the Second Part Being a Geographical Index of All the Empires in Asia Africa and America the Second Edition
An Exhortation with Some Forms in Order to Instruct the Ignorant to the Practice of the Too Much Neglected Duty of Ejaculatory Prayer a New Edition
A Brief Account of the Life of Mr William Wren Late Preacher of the Gospel in York Who Died August 4 1784
A Review of the Rev Mr Carters Strictures on Infant Baptism in Three Letters to a Friend by William Richards to Which Is Added Mr Wilsons Scripture Manual
A Rationale on Cathedral Worship or Choir-Service a Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral Church of Hereford at the Anniversary Meeting of the Choirs of Worcester Glocester and Hereford Sept 7 1720 by Tho Bisse the Second Edition
The Chearful Companion Or Complete Modern Songster Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Favourite New Songs
The Non-Juror a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Cibber the Fifth Edition
An Enqviry Into the Condvct of a Late Right Honovrable Commoner the Fifth Impression Corrected
The Gentleman and Citizens Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1735
The Enthusiasm of Methodists and Papists Compared the Second Edition
The Nature Folly Sin and Danger of Being Righteous Over-Much With a Particular View to the Doctrines and Practices of Certain Modern Enthusiasts Being the Substance of Four Discourses by Joseph Trapp DD the Third Edition
An Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled Pietas Oxoniensis or a Full and Impartial Account of the Expulsion of Six Students from St Edmund-Hall Oxford in a Letter to the Author by Thomas Nowell
The Provokd Husband Or a Journey to London a Comedy by Sir John Vanbrugh C Cibber Esq Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Regulated from the Prompt-Books
The Earl of Warwick a Tragedy by Dr Franklin Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden
The Pleasant Art of Money-Catching Treating I of the Original and Invention of Money to Which Is Added the Way to Turn a Penny the Fourth Edition Corrected and Much Enlarged
A Syllabus of Chemical and Philosophical Enquiries Composed for the Use of the Noblemen and Gentlemen Who Have Subscribed to the Proposals Made for the Advancement of Natural Knowledge by B Higgins MD
The Reasonableness of Conformity to the Church of England Represented to the Dissenting Ministers in Answer to the Tenth Chapter of Mr Calamys Abridgement of Mr Baxters History of His Life and Times by Benjamin Hoadly
An Essay on Nothing a Discourse Delivered in a Society a New Edition
The Maid of the Oaks a New Dramatic Entertainment as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane a New Edition
The Beaux Stratagem a Comedy by Geo Farquhar Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden
A Letter to a Student at a Foreign University on the Study of Divinity by T P SCT
The Gentleman and Citizens Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1734
A Miscellany in Verse and Prose by Captain Morrice
A Lecture on Worship Read at the Meeting House in Broad Street Wapping London at a Church Meeting Held on Thursday the Thirtieth of November MDCCXXXII
A Letter to Lord Chatham on American Affairs with Some Thoughts on Government a New Edition with an Appendix by M Dawes
The Elements of French Conversation with New Familiar and Easy Dialogues Each Preceded by a Suitable Vocabulary in French and English by John Perrin
The Gentlemans and Citizens Almanack Compiled by Samuel Watson Bookseller for the Year of Our Lord 1770
The Recruiting Officer a Comedy Written by Mr Farquhar Marked with the Variations in the Managers Book at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Letters of an Englishman In Which the Principles and Conduct of the Rockingham Party When in Administration and Opposition Are Freely and Impartially Displayed
The Question of the Precedency of the Peers of Ireland in England Fairly Stated in a Letter to an English Lord by a Nobleman of the Other Kingdom
An Apology for the Life of Major General G- Written by Himself Containing a Full Explanation of the G-Nn-G Mystery and of the Authors Connexion with Mr D-Ber-Ys Family of Soho-Square
The Chace a Poem by William Somervile Esq the Third Edition
The Unnatural Father or the Persecuted Son Being a Candid Narrative of the Most Unparrellelled [sic] Sufferings of Robert Nugent Junr by the Means and Procurement of His Own Father Written by Himself
An Extract of Miss Mary Gilberts Journal
A Candid Inquiry Into Some Points of Public Religion Or Animadversions on Existing Circumstances Among Antiburgher Seceders in Queries Addressed to Ministers and Others of That Party by One of Themselves
The Tryal of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus the Eleventh Edition
An Essay on History In Three Epistles to Edward Gibbon Esq with Notes by William Hayley Esq the Second Edition
A New History of England from the Earliest Period to the Present Time by the Reverend Mr Cooper a New Edition
A Papist Misrepresented and Represented or a Two-Fold Character of Popery Selected from the Original of 1683 by the Rev Mr John Gother Republished by Richard Challoner the Twenty-First Edition
The Review of a Free Enquiry Into the Nature and Origin of Evil
The History and Fall of Caius Marius a Tragedy
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns Published by John Wesley and Charles Wesley the Sixth Edition
An Historical List of Horse-Matches Run and of Plates and Prizes Run for in Great Britain and Ireland in 1744 by John Cheny
A Mechanical Account of Poisons in Several Essays by Richard Mead MD the Fourth Edition
The Gentle Shepherd a Scots Pastoral Comedy by Allan Ramsay to Which Are Added Several Poems and an Alphabetical Glossary by the Same Author
A Catalogue of Exceeding Curious and Valuable Books in Most Languages and Faculties Lately Imported from France and Holland Which Are to Be Sold at the Shop of Gavin Hamilton and John Balfour
The Philosophy of Earthquakes Natural and Religious or an Inquiry Into Their Cause and Their Purpose by William Stukeley the Second Edition to Which Is Added Part II on the Same Subject
The Stroke of Death Practically Improved the Substance of a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs Susanna Birley Preached at St Ives Feb 3d Also the Speech Delivered at Her Interment Jan 23d
The Drummer Or the Haunted House a Comedy by Joseph Addison Esq
The Servants Friend an Exemplary Tale Designed to Enforce the Religious Instructions Given at Sunday and Other Charity Schools by Pointing Out the Practical Application of Them in a State of Service the Second Edition
A Sermon Preached Before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts At Their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish-Church of St Mary-Le-Bow On Friday the 18th of February 1725
The Recruiting Officer a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Her [sic] Majestys Servants by MR George Farquhar
The Daily Journal Or Gentlemans Merchants and Tradesmans Complete Annual Accompt-Book for the Pocket or Desk for 1797
The Distressd Orphan Or Love in a Mad-House Shewing That She Was Left with a Great Fortune to the Care of an Uncle Interspersed with a Great Many Entertaining Letters Written by Herself After Her Happy Union with Honorio
An Analysis of a Course of Twelve Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy by John Weavor
The Mourning Bride a Tragedy by William Congreve
A Short System of Optics Principally Designed for the Use of Undergraduates in the University of Dublin by the Rev John Stack
A Guide to the English Tongue in Two Parts to Which Is Now Added an Appendix by T Dyche the Forty-Ninth Edition Corrected
The Northern Lass Or the Nest of Fools a Comedy as It Is Now Acted by Her Majesties Servants at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane with Prologue Epilogue and New Songs by Richard Brome Gent the Sixth Impression
An Admonition Against Lay-Preaching by Edward Pearson BD Rector of Rempstone Nottinghamshire
A Reply to the Answer Unto the Letter Written to a Quaker in Norfolk with an Appendix in the Letter Reply and Appendix All Robert Barclays Arguments the Standard of the Quakers Faith Are Fairly Drawn Forth Examined and Confuted
The Authority of the Church in Making Canons and Constitutions Concerning Things Indifferent by Fran Mason
A Vindication of the Hebrew Scriptures With Animadversions on the Mark Set on Cain the Giantship Wizardry and Witchcraft Mentioned in the Pentateuch and the Prophets Also Strictures on Samsons Accoutrement of His Hostile Foxes by John Dove
The Wonderful Life and Most Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York Mariner Containing a Full and Particular Account How He Lived 28 Years in an Uninhabited Island on the Coast of America In Three Volumes
The Religious Contemplator
An Inquiry Into the Reasonableness and Consequences of an Union with Scotland Containing a Brief Deduction of What Hath Been Done as Communicated to Laurence Philips Esq Near York
A View of the Evidences of Believers Baptism in Four Parts by John Martin
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding in Four Books Written by John Locke a New Edition Corrected of 3 Volume 1
The Builders Price-Book Containing a Correct List of the Prices Allowed by the Most Eminent Surveyors in London to the Several Artificers Concerned in Building Including the Journeymens Prices a New Edition Corrected
The Eclogues of Virgil Translated by John Jefferys
The British Poets of 44 Volume 44
A View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France by the Honourable Thomas Erskine the Third Edition
A Letter Addressed to the Catholics of England by the Catholic Committee
The Form and Order of the Service That Is to Be Performed and of the Ceremonies That Are to Be Observed in the Coronation of Their Majesties King George III and Queen Charlotte 22d of September 1761
The Life of Arthur Lord Balmerino from the Time of His Birth to That of His Execution on Tower-Hill to Which Are Added Some Memoirs of the Lives of the Two Other Lords the Earls of Kilmarnock and Cromertie Who Were Condemned with Him
The Family Party in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 1
The Idler by the Author of the Rambler in Two Volumes with Additional Essays of 2 Volume 1
The Offices According to the Use of the Church of England
A Description of the Temple of Venus at Cnidus with the Pastoral Amours of Aristius and the Son of Antilochus to Which Is Added Cupid Sleeping in the Idalian-Grove Translated from the Paris Original by J Lockman
A Free Inquiry Into the Nature and Origin of Evil in Six Letters to -- to Which Is Added a Preface and Some Explanatory Notes by Soame Jenyns
The Botanists Repository for New and Rare Plants Containing Coloured Figures of Such Plants as Have Not Hitherto Appeared in Any Similar Publication With All Their Essential Characters Botanically Arranged of 10 Volume 3
An Asylum for Fugitives Published Occasionally Volume I of 2 Volume 1
The Golden Bull Being the Great Charter of the Empire Or the Liberties and Immunities Granted to the Empire and All the Members of It by the Emperor Charles IV in the Year 1356
The British Poets of 44 Volume 34
The Poetical Works of Cha Churchill in Three Volumes with the Life of the Author Bells Second Edition of 3 Volume 3
A Common Law Treatise of Usury and Usurious Contracts
The History of Charlotte Summers the Fortunate Parish Girl Vol II of 2 Volume 2
Phidra and Hippolitus a Tragedy the Third Edition
Angling A Poem the Second Edition
Sprigs of Laurel A Comic Opera in Two Acts as Performed with Universal Applause at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden Written by John OKeeffe
The Servants Calling With Some Advice to the Apprentice Designed for Such as Have Had the Benefit of a Good Education or Would Be Assisted Under the Disadvantage of a Bad One
Shakespeares History of the Times Or the Original Portraits of That Author Adapted to Modern Characters with Notes and Observations
Tracts on I the Definition and Nature of Cross Remainders II Fines and Recoveries by Tenant in Tail III Difference Between Merger Remitter and Extinguishment VII the Language of Powers by Richard Preston
All Vows Kept a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Smock-Alley
Les Bonnets Ou Talemik Et Zinira Histoire Moderne Traduite de lArabe
Abelard to Eloisa Leonora to Tasso Ovid to Julia Spring and Other Poems Inscribed by Permission to Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire the Fourth Edition
Sir Harry Wildair A Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Written by George Farquhar
Private Thoughts In Two Parts Complete Part 1 Upon Religion Digested Into Twelve Articles with Practical Resolutions Formd Thereupon Part II Upon a Christian Life by William Beveridge the Sixteenth Edition
Or a Sure Guide to Gain Both Esteem and Estate with Rules for His Conduct to His Master and in the World by a Late Lord Mayor of London the Fifth Edition
Man a Machine Wherein the Several Systems of Philosophers in Respect to the Soul of Man Are Examind Translated from the French of Mons de la Mettrie the Second Edition
Christian Resolutions By William Beveridge DD Late Lord Bishop of St Asaph
Thoughts on the Present State of Affairs with America and the Means of Conciliation
Wild Oats Or the Strolling Gentlemen a Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent Garden by John OKeefe Esq
Poetical Attempts by the Author of Thoughts Upon Creation
Collateral Bee-Boxes Or a New Easy and Advantageous Method of Managing Bees in Which Part of the Honey Is Taken Away in an Easy and Pleasant Manner by Stephen White the Second Edition
Ponteach Or the Savages of America a Tragedy
Sprigs of Laurel A Comic Opera in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden Written by John OKeeffee [sic] a New Edition
Observations Upon an Essay on the Nature and Import of Subscription to the Thirty-Nine Articles in Ireland by William Hales
Serious and Friendly Letters to a Deist
Analysis Fluxionum Auctore Guil Hales
Letters from Snowdon Descriptive of a Tour Through the Northern Counties of Wales the Second Edition to Which Is Added an Account of the Inns and Roads with Directions for Travellers
A Vindication of the Conduct of the House of Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay More Particularly in the Last Session of the General Assembly by James Otis Esq A Member of Said House [four Lines of Verse]
A Letter of Genteel and Moral Advice to a Young Lady by Wetenhall Wilkes
Emet Ve-Emunah Reason and Faith Or Philosophical Absurdities and the Necessity of Revelation Intended to Promote Faith Among Infidels and the Unbounded Exercise of Humanity Among All Religious Men by One of the Sons of Abraham to His Brethren
Jesus Christ a Divine Teacher a Sermon Preached at Shrewsbury at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr Job Orton September 18 1745 by Joseph Mottershead to Which Is Added a Charge by Samuel Bourn
A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist Containing the Laws of the Game by a Gentleman
Letters Written from Leverpoole Chester Corke the Lake of Killarney Dublin Tunbridge-Wells and Bath by Samuel Derrick of 2 Volume 2
Telemachus a Mask by George Graham
New Elements of Conick Sections Together with a Method for Their Description on a Plane Translated from the French Treatise of Mr de la Hire by Brian Robinson the Second Edition
Or Memoirs of the B--R--D Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles the Fourth Edition with the Addition of 1 an Epilogue 2 Criticisms
Letters Supposed to Have Passed Between M de St Evremond and Mr Waller Collected and Published by the Editor of the Letters Between Theodosius and Constantia Volume II of 2 Volume 2
The True Use of Music Or Merry Hearts Companion Being a Collection of Love-Songs and Love-Letters Written in Praise of the Best of Lovers with Certain Directions How the Sick May Be Healed and the Poor Become Rich
Select Odes of Pindar and Horace Translated Together with Some Original Poems Accompanied with Notes Critical Historical and Explanatory by the Rev William Tasker AB in Three Volumes Second Edition of 3 Volume 2
Also the True Manner and Places of Their Deaths Being Seven Tragedies of 2 Volume 1
Spartan Lessons Or the Praise of Valour In the Verses of Tyrtaeus An Ancient Athenian Poet
Mother Midnights Comical Pocket-Book Or a Bone for the Criticks Being a Sure and Certain Cure for the Hip Wrote by Humphrey Humdrum Esq
Philosophical Conjectures on Aereal Influences the Probable Origin of Diseases With an Unusual Cure in the Scurvy Addressd to Dr Shaw by E-M-D L-Tt-N
The New Bath Guide Or Memoirs of the B-N-R-D Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles a New Edition
Inland Navigation or Select Plans of the Several Navigable Canals Throughout Great Britain Accompanied with Abstracts of the Different Acts of Parliament Relative to Them
Mimoires de Madame Durdof Ou Histoire Du Marquis dAlbernac de Ciphise of 4 Volume 4
Letters from the Synod of Dort to Sir Dudley Carlton the English Embassador at the Hague by Mr John Hales
Eloge de la Roture Dedii Aux Roturiers
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse by Paul Hiffernan
King Henry the Fifth Or the Conquest of France by the English a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Aaron Hill Esq
The Economy of Beauty In a Series of Fables Addressed to the Ladies by Dr Cosens of 2 Volume 1
Trifles By Vortigern Crancocc
Philosophical Reflections on the Late Revolution in France and the Conduct of the Dissenters in England In a Letter to the Rev Dr Priestley by J Courtenay the Third Edition with Additions
Three Letters to the Members of the Present Parliament with a Discourse on Kings and Ministers of State to Which Is Prefixed a Letter to Sir John Philipps Bart
The Celebrated Mrs Pilkingtons Jests Or the Cabinet of Wit and Humour to Which Is Now First Added a Great Variety of Bons Mots Witticisms and Anecdotes of the Inimitable Dr Swift the Second Edition
A Scriptural View of the Millennium Or an Attempt to Display the Harmony of the Bible on the Last-Day Glory by John Baggs
Essay on the Character Manners and Genius of Women in Different Ages Enlarged from the French of M Thomas by Mr Russell in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Art of Rhetoric Made Easy Or the Elements of Oratory Briefly Stated and Fitted for the Practice of the Studious Youth of Great-Britain and Ireland In Two Books the Second Impression Corrected and Improved by John Holmes
Tim Twisting to Dick Twining Or a Seaman to a Teaman Being a Plain Dealers Answer to a Tea Dealers Letter
Profitable Advice for Rich and Poor in a Dialogue or Discourse Between James Freeman a Carolina Planter and Simon Question a West Country Farmer Containing a Description of South Carolina
Index Plantarum Pricipue Officinalium Qui in Horto Medico Edinburgensi a Carolo Alston Demonstrantur
Quaint Scraps Or Sudden Cogitations by Nathan Coward Professor of Quaintness
The Amorous Gallants Tongue Tipped with Golden Expressions Or the Art of Courtship Refined Together with a Canting Academy the Twelfth Edition
A Short Relation of the River Nile Of Its Source and Current and of Other Curiosities with a New Preface Written by an Eye Witness Who Lived Many Years in the Chief Kingdom of the Abyssine Empire
The Merry Andrew Being the Smartest Collection Ever Yet Published of Elegant Repartees and Second Hand Conundrums by Ferdinando Funny
Monsieur Le Clercs Extract and Judgment of the Characteristicks of Men Manners Opinions Times in Three Volumes Translated from the French of the Xixth Xxist and XXIIID Tomes of the Bibliotheque Choisie
Bunker-Hill Or the Death of General Warren An Historic Tragedy in Five Acts by John Burk Late of Trinity College Dublin as Played at the Theatres in America for Fourteen Nights with Unbounded Applause Copy Right Secured According to Law
A Vade Mecum Or Companion for the Unmarried Ladies Wherein Is Laid Down Some Examples Whereby to Direct Them in the Choice of Husbands by John Campbell
The Royal Interview A Fragment
Guide dOxford Avec Un Catalogue de Tout Ce Quil y a de Plus Remarquable Dans Toute La Province dOxford Avec La Route de Douvres i Londres
Elements of Geometry Translated from the French of J J Rossignol the Second Edition
Cymbeline King of Britain a Tragedy Written by Shakespear with Some Alterations by Charles Marsh as It Was Agreed to Be Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
The Female Politician Or the Statesman Unmaskd a Novel by the Author of the Prude
LAmbleto Opera Da Rappresentarsi Nel Reggio Teatro dHaymarket Dedicata a Sua Eccellenza Il Signor Henrico Conte Di Portland
A Treatise of Such Mathematical Instruments as Are Usually Put Into a Portable Case Containing Their Various Uses in Arithmetic Geometry Trigonometry Architecture Surveying by J Robertson
A Looking-Glass That Flatters Not Representing the Unhappy and Tottering State of Men in Power Tho Raisd to the Highest Pinnacle of Honour and Greatness Written by a Displacd Courtier
Tables of Primi or Discompt for the More Easy Knowing the Value of Any Broken Sum of Stock or Debentures c Calculated and Exactly Examined by Edward Jackson
Il Convito Amoroso! Or a Serio-Comico-Philosophical Lecture on the Causes Nature and Effects of Love and Beauty as Delivered by Hebe Vestina! Second Edition
Two Additional Letters (Being the Third and Fourth) to His Excellency the Count de Welderen on the Present Situation of Affairs Between Great Britain and the United Provinces with an Appendix by John Andrews
Interspersed with Anecdotes of Well Known Characters in Two Volumes Second Edition of 2 Volume 2
Philosophical Questions Selected for the Use of the Upper Classes in Berkhamsted School And Extracted Chiefly from Lectures Introductory to the Doctrine of Matter in General
Hor Mathematic Vacu Or a Treatise of the Golden and Ecliptick Numbers to Which Is Added Examples for the Practice of the Golden and Ecliptick Numbers by Arthur Bedford
Some Queries Relating to a Book Entitled a Compassionate Address to Papists c in Five Letters
Essay on Money as a Medium of Commerce With Remarks on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Paper Admitted Into General Circulation by a Citizen of the United States
Trait Contre La Transubstantiation Ou Extrait de Plusieurs Sermons Prononc s Dans La Chapelle Fran oise de Hammersmith Par J Pierre Stehelin
Discours Pathitique Au Sujet Des Calamitis Prisentes Arrivies En Portugal Adressi a Mes Compatriotes Par Le Chevalier dOliveyra
Observations on Dr Prices Theory and Principles of Civil Liberty and Government Preceded by a Letter to a Friend on the Pretensions of the American Colonies in Respect of Right and Equity
Geodisia Hibernica Or an Essay on Practical Surveying Which Contains the Following Useful Improvements I Protroction Without Parallels c by Benjamin Noble
Interest Compleated in Three Parts Viz 1st 48 Tables for Simple Interest 2d 4 Tables of Brokerage 3d a Table of Time All Calculated Examined by John Hewitt
The Tutor and Scholars Assistant Being a New Treatise of Vulgar and Decimal Arithmetic by Joseph Saul
Lettre dUn Imprimeur de Londres Au Difenseur Du Clergi de France Au Sujet de la Riponse Aux Lettres Contre lImmunite Des Biens Ecclisiastiques
Rights of Man Being an Answer to Mr Burkes Attack on the French Revolution by Thomas Paine Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Congress in the American War and Author of the Work Entitled Common Sense Fourth American Edition
References to the Anatomical Paintings and Preparations At the Anatomical Rooms Surgeons Square Edinburgh
Christs Call to the Rising Generation Considered in Three Sermons Preached by Mr Alexander Moncrieff the Second Edition Corrected
Friendly Advice to the Poor Written and Publishd at the Request of the Late and Present Officers of the Town of Manchester by John Clayton Ma
Considerations on the Case of the King Versus Bishop of Bangor and Others Being the Substance of a Pamphlet Entitled a Defence of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Bangor by the Rev Rice Hughes
Historical Collections of the Noble Family of Windsor Containing Their Births Marriages and Issues and Valuable Memoirs Collected from Records Old Wills by Arthur Collins Esq
A Tale Supposed to Be Written by Himself of 2 Volume 1
A Tale Supposed to Be Written by Himself in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Mute Christian Under the Smarting Rod With Sovereign Antidotes Against the Most Miserable Exigents the Fourteenth Edition by Thomas Brooks
The Club Or a Grey-Cap for a Green-Head Containing Maxims Advice and Cautions Being a Dialogue Between a Father and Son the Fifth Edition with Additions
A Third Letter to a British Merchant Containing Reflections on the Foreign and Domestic Politics of This Country Together with Strictures on the Conduct of Opposition the Second Edition by John Bowles Esq
Tractatus de Primis Duodecim Veteris Testamenti Libris In Quo Ostenditur EOS Omnes AB Uno Solo Historico Scriptos Fuisse
The Chief Interest of Man Or a Discourse of Religion Clearly Demonstrating the Equity of the Precepts of the Gospel by H Lukin the Third Edition
Quaterni Epistoli Prima Secunda Ad Richardum Bentleium Tertia Ad Ezekielem Spanhemium Quarta Ad Ludovicum Fridericum Bonetum
A Plea for Religion and the Sacred Writings Addressed to the Disciples of Thomas Paine by the Rev David Simpson Ma
A Tale Supposed to Be Written by Himself of 2 Volume 2
Or Memoirs of the B-R-D Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles the Fourth Edition
General Cautions in the Cure of Fevers Viz Inflammatory Intermitting True and Spurious Peripneumonies Calculated to Supply the Want of a Regular Medical Education by the Rev G Etherington LLB
Letters of the Honourable Algernon Sydney to the Honourable Henry Savile Ambassador in France in the Year 1679 c Now First Printed from the Originals in Mr Sydneys Own Hand
Ismael Abul--Feda de Vita Et Rebus Gestis Mohammedis Moslemici Religionis Auctoris Et Imperii Saracenici Fundatoris Textum Arabicum Primus Edidit Latini Vertit Prifatione Notis Illustravit Joannes Gagnier A M
Ordo Institutionum Physicarum in Privatis Lectionibus Tho Rutherforth Editio Secunda
Rape Upon Rape Or the Justice Caught in His Own Trap a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre in the Hay-Market
Clementina a Tragedy as It Is Performd with Universal Applause at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden a New Edition
Poems by Samuel Low [three Lines of Verse] in Two Volumes Vol I[-II] of 2 Volume 1
Abstract from the Publick Records of Charters Retours Infeftments and Other Writs in Relation to Heritable Offices
Bowless New Hackney-Coach Directory Comprehending Upwards of Fifty Thousand Fares with the New Rates of Watermen
Remarques de Pierre Le Motteux Sur Rabelais Traduite Librement de lAnglois Par C**** D* M**** Et Accompagnies de Diverses Observations Du Traducteur Edition Revui Corrigie Augmentie
Zions Traveller Or the Souls Progress to Heaven In the Several Steps Whereby It Ascends from Deep Distress and Misery to the Height of Triumph and Glory by Mr William Crawford Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged
Proposals for Printing by Subscription the Instructions Given in the Drawing Schools Established in England Scotland and Other Parts of Europe by Joseph Fenn
Narrative of a Shipwreck on the Island of Cape Breton in a Voyage from Quebec 1780 by S W Prenties Ensign of the 84th Regiment of Foot the Third Edition
An Essay on the Middlesex Election In Which the Power of Expulsion Is Particularly Considered the Second Edition to Which Is Annexed a PostScript
Die and Be Damned
False and True A Play in Three Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Hay-Market with the Greatest Applause
Americans Against Liberty Or an Essay on the Nature and Principles of True Freedom Shewing That the Designs and Conduct of the Americans Tend Only to Tyranny and Slavery
Crude Thoughts on Prevailing Subjects Adapted to Common Life to Which Is Added a Short Epistlatory Correspondence Between Town and Country by a Clergyman of Kent
Oratio Philippica Ad Excitandos Contra Galliam Britannos Sanctiori Anglorum Concilio Exhibita 1514 Incerto Autore Nunc Primum Publica Luce Donavit Joannes Tolandus
Melite a Comedy Translated from the French of P Corneille
Hymns and Spiritual Songs
Poems Attempted on Various Occasions by William Brimble Written Occasionally for Amusement and Now Publishd at the Request of Several of His Acquaintance
Socinianismus Purus Putus Antichristianismus Seu Omnimodi Socinianismi Iniquitatis Demonstratio Authore Edmundo Elisio
The Domestic Monitor Or a Director and Guide to Parents and Children to Masters and Servants in Religion and the Way of Salvation a New Edition Revised and Enlarged by the Rev T Rimbron
An Address to Persons of Fashion Containing Some Particulars Relating to Balls And a Few Occasional Hints Concerning Play-Houses Card-Tables c by a Gentleman of the University of Oxford the Third Edition Revised Corrected and Enlarged
Two Sermons on Sanctification By Joseph Benson the Second Edition
Observations on the Introduction to the Plan of the Dispensary for General Inoculation with Remarks on a Pamphlet Entitled an Examination of a Charge Brought Against Inoculation by Dehaen Rast Dimsdale and Other Writers
Antichrist Resisted In a Reply to a Pamphlet Wrote by W Mason Intitled Antinomian Heresy Exploded In an Appeal to the Christian World Against the Unscriptural Doctrines and Licentious Tenents of Mr James Relly
Three Letters on Mining and Smelting In Which a Method Is Laid Down Whereby These Useful Sciences May Be Greatly Improved Also a Fourth Letter Setting Forth a Discovery of an Easy Method to Secure Ships Bottoms from Worms
The Tea-Table Or a Conversation Between Some Polite Persons of Both Sexes at a Ladys Visiting Day Wherein Are Represented the Various Foibles and Affectations Which Form the Character of an Accomplishd Beau or Modern Fine Lady
Of Our Subjection to Death by the Offence of Adam and Our Reigning in Life Thro the Righteousness of Christ a Funeral Sermon for Mrs Elizabeth Ginn Late of Newington Butts Widow Who Deceased June the Eleventh 1738
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse Containing Candid and Impartial Observations on the Principal Performers Belonging to the Two Theatres-Royal Likewise Strictures on Two Favourite Tragedies the Orphan and the Fair Penitent
Memoirs of Mrs Coghlan (Daughter of the Late Major Moncrieffe ) Written by Herself and Dedicated to the British Nation Being Interspersed with Anecdotes of the Late American and Present French War
Remarks Upon Several Passages in the Preliminaries to the Dunciad and Upon Several Passages in Popes Preface to His Translation of Homers Iliad with Original Letters from Sir Richard Steele
A Defence of a Pamphlet Lately Published Entitled Thoughts Upon Several Interesting Subjects Being a Reply to the Appendix Annexed to the Expediency of a Free Exportation of Corn at This Time In a Second Letter to a Friend
King Georges Title Asserted Proving I from the Doubtful Birth of the Pretender II That the States of the Realm Had Power to Determine the Controversy about the Succession III That the Determination Still Remains in Force
Authentic Memoirs of the Life and Surprising Adventures of John Sheppard Who Was Executed at Tyburn November the 16th 1724 the Second Edition Adornd with Variety of Copper Cuts
Practical Reflections on the Earthquakes That Have Happened in Europe and America But Chiefly in the Islands of Jamaica England Sicily Malta c with a Particular and Historical Account of Them and Divers Other Earthquakes
Wo to Drunkards Two Sermons Testifying Against the Sin of Drunkenness Wherein the Wofulness of That Evil and the Misery of All That Are Addicted to It Discovered from the Word of God the Second Edition [three Lines from Habakkuk]
Seasonable Considerations Upon the Corn-Trade as It Respects the Land-Owner the Tenant or Farmer the Miller and Baker And the Poor and Labouring Part of the People Throughout the Whole Nation
A Compendious Vocabulary English and Persian Including All the Oriental Simples in the Materia Medica Employed in Modern Practice With Tables Subjoined of the Successions of the Khaliffs
Upwards of One Hundred and Fifty New Designs for Chimney Pieces From the Plain and Simple to the Most Superb and Magnificent with Full and Complete Instructions to Workmen by Abraham Swan
An Account of Proposals Made for the Benefit of His Majestys Naval Service Shewing Their General Object and Tendency - The Future Supply of Timber the Well-Being of the Dock-Yards Ships Magazines
Flora Rustica Exhibiting Accurate Figures of Such Plants as Are Either Useful or Injurious in Husbandry Drawn and Engraved by Frederick P Nodder and Coloured Under His Inspection of 4 Volume 3
Dissertations on the Character Death Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Evidence of His Gospel With Remarks on Some Sentiments Advanced in a Book Intitled the Age of Reason
Rudiments of English Grammar Being an Introduction to the Second Part of the Grammatical Institute of the English Language Compiled at the Desire of the Committee of the Grammar School in Hartford
Salvation by Jesus Christ Alone Asserted and Vindicated and the Objections Made Against It by Some Modern Unbelievers Particularly by the Author of Christianity as Old as the Creation in Two Sermons the Fourth Edition
Memorable Accidents and Unheard of Transactions Containing an Account of Several Strange Events As the Disposing of Tyrants Lamentable Shipwrecks with Other Remarkable Occurrences Translated from the French
Tyrocinium Geographicum Londinense or the London Geography Consisting of Dr Frees Short Lectures Compiled for the Use of His Younger Pupils
Miscellaneous Observations on the Works of the Late Lord Viscount Bolingbroke On the Several Answers to Them and Mons Voltaires Defence of His Lordship And on the Subjects Themselves in a Series of Letters to a Nobleman Part I
Sixty Amusing and Instructive Fables in French and English Divided Into Sections and the Two Languages Answering Almost Verbatim the Whole Adorned with Cuts the Fifth Edition Carefully Corrected and Improved
Oedipus A Tragedy Written by Mr Dryden and Mr Lee
Amphitryon Or the Two Sosias a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal
Visions in Verse for the Entertainment and Instruction of Younger Minds a New Edition with Six Plates
Incognita Or Love and Duty Reconcild a Novel by Mr Congreve
D Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Et A Persii Flacci Satyri
Or an Essay on That Art Which Makes a Man Happy in Himself and Agreeable to Others the Ninth Edition
The Double Captive or Chains Upon Chains Containing the Amorous Poems and Letters of One of the Preston Prisoners in Newgate to Which Is Added the Execution Dream with a Preface to the Ladies and an Introductory Novel
The Royal Merchant Or the Beggars Bush a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden Written by Beaumont and Fletcher
Elements of English Being a New Method of Teaching the Whole Art of Reading Both with Regard to Pronunciation and Spelling by Thomas Sheridan AM
The Black-Bird a Collection of Songs Scots English and Irish With Toasts and Sentiments
Busiris King of Egypt a Tragedy as It Was Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by E Young LLB
Or the Accompt Truly Stated Debitor and Creditor by Andrew Hooke Esq
The Wifes Relief Or the Husbands Cure a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants Written by Mr Cha Johnson
Musapidia or Miscellany Poems Never Before Printed by Several Members of the Oxford Poetical Club
Oedipus King of Thebes A Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres by John Dryden Esq
The Insolvent Or Filial Piety a Tragedy Written by the Late Aaron Hill Esq
Ph drus His Fables with English Notes by William Willymot
This Day Is Publishd Price 1s Sewed Cupids Golden Age Or the Happy Adventures of Love Translated from the French by Harry Lovemore the Eighth Edition
Inner Pearls for Body and Being 2019 12 messages to live in balance
The Albion Queens Or the Death of Mary Queen of Scotland as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal Written by Mr Banks
Annie de la Vie Du Chevalier de Faublas Par M Louvet de Couvray of 13 Volume 5 Une
The Law of Faith Opposed to the Law of Works in a Letter to a Friend Occasioned by a Circular Letter Published by the Elders and Messengers of Several Baptist Churches
The Botanists Repository for New and Rare Plants Containing Coloured Figures of Such Plants as Have Not Hitherto Appeared in Any Similar Publication With All Their Essential Characters Botanically Arranged of 10 Volume 8
A Plain and Familiar Introduction to the Newtonian Philosophy in Six Sections Illustrated by Six Copper Plates Designed for the Use of Those Who Have or May Attend the Authors Course of Six Lectures
The Church-Catechism Explaind and Provd by Apt Texts of Scripture Divided Into XXVI Parts Recommended by His Grace Narcissus Late Lord-Bishop of Dublin for the Use of That Diocess the Seventh Edition
A Compendious Method for the Raising of the Italian Brocoli Spanish Cardoon Celeriac Finochi and Other Foreign Kitchen-Vegetables as Also an Account of the La Lucerne St Foyne Clover and Others the Third Edition Revisd
The Ton Or Follies of Fashion a Comedy as It Was Acted at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden by Lady Wallace
The Life of Mahomet the Imposter With the Pretended Miracles Said to Be Wrought by Him and His Disciples His Wonderful Ascent to Heaven Description of Paradise and a Relation of His Death
A Journal of Occurrences in the Tower of the Temple During the Confinement of Louis XVI King of France [one Line from Virgil] by M Clery the Kings Valet-De-Chambre
An Address to the University of Oxford Occasioned by a Sermon Intitled the Divine Institution of the Ministry and the Absolute Necessity of Church-Government Preached by the Reverend Mr Joseph Betty September 21 1729
Annie de la Vie Du Chevalier de Faublas Par M Louvet de Couvray of 13 Volume 1 Une
An Answer to a Book Intitld Reasons Offerd for Erecting a Bank in Ireland in a Letter to Henry Maxwell Esq By Hercules Rowley Esq
The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considerd to Which Are Added Some Morning and Evening Prayers the Fourth Edition
An Authentic Account Published by the Kings Authority of All the Fairs in England and Wales as They Have Been Settled to Be Held Since the Alteration of the Stile
The Brothers a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden the Second Edition
The Farmer Convinced Or the Reviewers of the Monthly Review Anatomized Their Ignorance Exposd And Their Vague Futile and Fallacious Assertions Refuted Also W-----s New and Compendious System of Husbandry Dissected
The Irish Massacre Set in a Clear Light Wherein Mr Baxters Account of It in the History of His Own Life and the Abridgment Thereof by Dr Calamy Are Fully Considerd Together with Two Letters from Mr Chaundler
The Heiress a Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Second Edition
A Treatise on Civil Architecture in Which the Principles of That Art Are Laid Down and Illustrated by a Great Number of Plates Accurately Designed and Elegantly Engraved by the Best Hands
The Case of the Admission of Occasional Conformists to the Holy Communion Before They Renounce Their Schism Considerd the Second Edition
A Treatise on the Culture of the Tobacco Plant With the Manner in Which It Is Usually Cured Adapted to Northern Climates and Designed for the Use of the Landholders of Great-Britain Also Two Plates of the Plant and Its Flowers
The Three Woe Trumpets Of Which the First and Second Are Already Past And the Third Is Now Begun Being the Substance of Two Discourses from Rev XI 1415161718 Delivered on February 3 and 24 1793 the Second Edition
A Catalogue of a Large Collection of the Best Books in All Parts of Learning in Greek Latin French Italian and English Containing Several Curious Libraries Lately Purchased Which Will Be Sold on Monday Octob 12 1761
Annie de la Vie Du Chevalier de Faublas Par M Louvet de Couvray of 13 Volume 6 Une
A Nomenclature Or Dictionary in English French Spanish and German of the Principle Articles Manufactured in This Kingdom More Particularly Those in the Hardware and Cutlery Trades The Goods Imported and Exported
An Improved Solution of a Problem in Physical Astronomy Swiftly Converging Series Are Obtained Which Are Useful in Computing the Perturbations of the Motions of the Earth by the Rev John Hellins
An Appeal to the Publick in Relation to an Affair That Lately Passd Between the Rt Rev B---P Wh--Te Head of the Roman Catholick Mission in England And Mr J----S D---D--LL to Which Is Prefixd the Authors Apology
The Mandate of His Eminence Monseigneur the Cardinal de Noailles Archbishop of Paris for the Publishing the Appeal Which He Brought the 3D of April 1717 to the Pope Better Advised
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church Dublin May 13 1764 Before the Incorporated Society for Promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland with a Continuation of the Societys Proceedings March 25 1764
A Perswasive to Parochial Communion in Two Parts by Charles Palmer the Second Edition Corrected
The Laws Respecting Landlords Tenants and Lodgers Laid Down in a Plain Easy and Familiar Manner as Collected from the Several Reports and Other Books of Authority Up to the Present Time the Third Edition Revised
The Gentle Shepherd a Pastoral Comedy by Allan Ramsay to Which Is Added Christs Kirk on the Green a Poem in Three Cantos
An Appeal to the People of England in Defence of the Clergy Against the Charge Contained in Mr Robert Seagraves Letter Addressd to the Publick Wherein His Two Material Articles Are Largely Considered
A Letter from the Right Hon Edmund Burke to His Grace the Duke of Portland on the Conduct of the Minority in Parliament Containing Fifty-Four Articles of Impeachment Against the Right Hon C J Fox
The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem Concerning the Sacred Scripture
A Treatise on the Gout Wherein the Inefficacy of the Usual Treatment in That Dreadful Disorder Is Demonstrated The Facility of a Speedy and Radical Cure the Third Edition Corrected and Enlarged
A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of Pictures Selected from the Roman Florentine Lombard Venetian Neapolitan Flemish French and Spanish Schools Collected and Drawn by Robert Strange
A Short Account of the Nature and Use of Maps as Also Some Short Discourses of the Division of the Earth Into Zones To Which Is Subjoined a Catalogue of the Factories and Places Now in Possession of the English French Dutch
A Full Answer to a Late View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion in a Dialogue Between a Rational Christian and His Friend by the Editor of Ben Mordecais Letters to Elisha Levi
A Letter to a Gentleman in Edinburgh Containing Remarks Upon a Late Apology for the Presbyterians in Scotland Who Keep Comunion in the Ordinances of the Gospel with Mr George Whitefield the Third Edition
An Enquiry Into the Nature and Principles of the Spaw Waters with a Mechanical Explanation of Their Virtues and Uses in Many Diseases Also a Cursory Enquiry Into the Nature and Properties of the Hot Fountains at AIX La Chapelle
A Short and Easie Method with the Deists Wherein the Certainty of the Christian Religion Is Demonstrated by Infallible Proof from Four Rules Which Are Incompatible to Any Imposture That Has Been or That Can Be the Seventh Edition
Observations on the Correspondence Between Poetry and Music by the Author of an Enquiry Into the Beauties of Painting
Sketches Or Essays on Various Subjects by Launcelot Temple Esq the Second Edition Corrected
Marry or Do Worse a Comedy as It Is Now Acted at the New Theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields by Her Majestys Servants
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns Chiefly Intended for the Use of the Poor by Rowland Hill MA the Second Edition
A Concise Account of the Kingdom of Pegu With an Appendix Containing an Enquiry Into the Cause of the Variety Orservable in the Fleeces of Sheep in Different Climates A Description of the Caves at Elephanta Ambola and Canara
Hes Much to Blame a Comedy In Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden Second Edition
Or an Impartial Abstract of the Most Remarkable Transactions and Is a Supplement to Mr Pointers Chronological History to Be Publishd Every Year Year the Third
The Great and Wonderful Works of God Humbly Represented And the Just and Equal Distributions of Providence Demonstrated with an Appendix Concerning St Paul by an Ancient Doctor of Physick
Considerations Touching the Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings Out of the Church Wherein Is Also Discoursd of Tythes Church-Fees Church-Revenues And Whether Any Maintenance of Ministers Can Be Settld by Law the Author John Milton
Primitive Christianity Revivd In Four Parts Containing Part I the Larger Epistles of Ignatius Part IV an Account of the Primitive Faith Concerning the Trinity and Incarnation by William Whiston MA of 4 Volume 1
Christ in Believers the Hope of Glory Being the Substance of Several Sermons by Mr John Brown the Sixth Edition
A Drama in Five Acts by MG Lewis
The Earnest Charge and Humble Hope of an Affectionate Pastor Being the Substance of Three Discourses Addressed to the Church and Congregation in College-Lane Northampton December 1 1793
A Description of Ventilators Whereby Great Quantities of Fresh Air May with Ease Be Conveyed Into Mines Goals Hospitals by Stephen Hales
Questions Importantes Sur Le Commerce lOccasion Des Oppositions Au Dernier Bill de Naturalisation Ouvrage Traduit de lAnglois de Josias Tucker
Pharmacopoeia Pauperum Or the Hospital Dispensatory Containing the Medicines Used in the Hospitals of London by the Direction of Dr Coatsworth Dr Mead Dr Cade Dr Wadsworth Dr Hales c with Suitable Instructions for Their Common Use
A Chronological History of Great-Britain Or an Impartial Abstract of the Most Remarkable Transactions and Is a Supplement to Mr Pointers Chronological History to Be Publishd Every Year Year the Fifth
Ocean an Ode Occasiond by His Majestys Late Royal Encouragement of the Sea-Service to Which Is Prefixd an Ode to the King And a Discourse on Ode by the Author of the Universal Passion
Rangers Progress Consisting of a Variety of Poetical Essays Moral Serious Comic and Satyrical by Honest Ranger of Bedford-Row
Letters Between Theodosius and Constantia a New Edition of 2 Volume 1
Familiares Colloquendi Formuli in Usum Scholarum Concinnati Partim Collecti Partim Compositi Editio Vigesima Quinta Correctio Castigatior Aliqua Parte Auctior
Virtues of British Herbs with the History Description and Figures of the Several Kinds No1 - To Be Continued Occasionally by John Hill the Third Edition with Additions
The Christians Duty to Know the Principles and Reasons of His Holy Faith and to Own and Adhere to Them in the Time of Persecution Represented in Two Discourses by David Ranken
Miscellaneous Poems by Elizabeth Rolt
iloge Funebre de Louis XVI Roi de France Et de Navarre Prononci i Londres Le 27 Mars Le 2 Le 11 Le 23 Avril 1793 Par M Lenoir
Lodoik Ou Leions de Morale Pour lInstruction Et lAmusement de la Jeunesse En Six Volumes of 6 Volume 6
One View of Human Life Taken and Reconciled by a Prospect of Heaven by Hugh Ferguson
Presbyterian Ordination Presumptuous Being the Second Part of a Reply to Mr Peirces Defence of the Dissenting Ministry by John Jackman
A Vindication of Mr Trosse from the Charge of Uncharitableness Proving by Ten Arguments That the Doctrine of the Trinity and True Deity of Christ Are Fundamentals with a Preliminary Discourse by Josiah Eveleigh
Minutes of Several Conversations Between the Rev Mr Wesley and Others from the Year 1744 to the Year 1789
Sermons on the Relative Duties Preached at Queen-Street Chapel and St Pauls Covent-Garden by the Revd Tho Francklin
Seven Sermons Viz I of the Unpardonable Sin Against the Holy Ghost VII the Future State of Man by Robert Russel the Fiftieth Edition
Lodoik Ou Leions de Morale Pour lInstruction Et lAmusement de la Jeunesse En Six Volumes of 6 Volume 5
A View of the Three Spirits in Man Their Tendency and Disposition Or the Only Way to Know Oneself Wherein the Quintessence of Pure Religion Is Clearly Exhibited by a Preacher and Penitent
Or the Way by Which Many Who Were Heathens Came to Be Renowned Christians to Which Is Added Pauls Speech to the Bishop of Cretia by Hugh Turford the Tenth Edition
Christ Our True Principle of Holiness Or an Extract of That Excellent Treatise Mr Marshalls Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification Opend in Sundry Practical Directions Designd as an Introduction to a Gospel-Library
Plain Reasons for Being a Protestant A Sequel to Plain Reasons for Being a Christian
Supplement to German Psalmody Done Into English Together with Their Proper Tunes and Thorough Bass for Promoting Sacred Harmony in Private Families
Candid Remarks on Some Particular Passages in the Fifth Edition of the Rev Mr Whitefields Volume of Sermons Printed in the Year 1750 in a Letter to a Gentleman
Annales Elii de Trickingham Monachi Ordinis Benedictini Ex Bibliotheca Lamethana Epistola Ad Johannum Nicholsium Celeberrimum Typographum Primittitur Nunc Primim Edidit Samuel Pegge AM
Reading Made Perfectly Easy Or an Introduction to the Reading the Holy Bible by T Dyke the Thirty-Fourth Edition with Large Additions and Improvements by D Fenning to Which Are Subjoined Six Familiar Fables
Dialogues and Letters on Morality Oeconomy and Politeness for the Improvement and Entertainment of Young Female Minds by the Author of Dialogues on the First Principles of Religion
S Aloysius Gonzaga Proposed as a Model of a Holy Life by Particular Practices of Devotion Calculated for Keeping Six Sundays Successively in Honour of the Same Saint from the Latin Edition Permissu Superiorum
A Call to Delaying Sinners Or the Danger of Delaying in Matters Concerning Our Souls by Thomas Doolittle the Fourteenth Edition
Divine Dialogues Containing Disquisitions Concerning the Attributes and Providence of God by Henry More DD of 3 Volume 3
Several Sermons on Angels with a Sermon on the Power of Devils in Bodily Distempers by Thomas Shepherd Ma
The Preceptive Moral Poem of Phocilides Who Lived 530 Years Before Christ at Miletus a City of Ionia Translated from the Greek to Which Is Added a Few Select Poems Divine and Moral
The Heavenly Souls Daily Exercise Morning and Evening Being a Manual of Devout Prayers for Every Day in the Week Also Meditations Upon Several Occasions by a Member of the Church of England the Thirteenth Edition
The Mothers Blessing Or the Godly Counsel of a Gentlewoman Not Long Since Deceasd Left Behind Her for Her Children Containing Many Good Exhortations and Good Admonitions by Mrs Dorothy Leigh
A Treatise of the System of the World by Sir Isaac Newton Translated Into English the Second Edition Wherein Are Interspersed Some Alterations and Improvements
Puissance de lAmour Ou Histoire Du Comte de Clare Et de la Marquise de Nerville La
The Secret History of Betty Ireland Who Was Trepanned Into Marriage at the Age of Fourteen the Fifth Edition
A Complete Collection of Juniuss Letters with Those of Sir William Draper
An Examination of a Pamphlet Entitled His Catholic Majestys Manifesto c with Reasons for Not Paying the 95000l
The Second Part of the Catalogue of Books of the Library Company of Philadelphia [one Line in Latin]
The Modern Tattler
The Heiress a Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Sixth Edition
An Inquiry Into the Copernican System Respecting the Motions of the Heavenly Bodies Wherein It Is Proved in the Clearest Manner That the Earth Has Only Her Diurnal Motion and That the Sun Revolves Round the World by John Cunningham
The English Registry for the Year of Our Lord 1754 Or a Collection of English Lists Fitted to Be Bound Up with Watsons Almanack
A Short Account of the Several Wards Precincts Parishes c in London
The Provokd Husband or a Journey to London a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Written by Sir John Vanbrugh and Mr Cibber
A Practical Use of the Holy Scriptures by William Westley Gent Written by Him for His Own Private Use and Now Publishd for the Use of All
An Essay on the Vitality of the Blood by James Corrie MD
A View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France by the Honourable Thomas Erskine the Twentieth Edition
An Essay on Man Together with the Universal Prayer and the Dying Christian to His Soul by Alexander Pope Esq Translated Into Prose After the Manner of the Rev Mr Hervey by T Robert AM to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author
The School for Wives in a Series of Letters
The Rival Modes a Comedy as It Is Acted by His Majestys Company of Comedians at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Written by James-Moore Smythe Esq
The Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Conveened at Edinburgh the 23d Day of May 1776
An Apologetical Vindication of the Present Bishops from the Calumnies and Invectives Usd Against Them in Some Late Pamphlets by a Presbyter of the Church of England
A Treatise on Military Equitation by W Tyndale
A Collection of All the Statutes Now in Force Against the Transportation of Wooll c with Notes in the Margin
The Interest of Great Britain Steadily Pursued in Answer to a Pamphlet Entitld the Case of the Hanover Forces Impartially and Freely Examined Part I the Third Edition
An Abridgement and Alphabetical Index of the Acts of the General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland from the Year 1638 to 1706 Inclusive of Both by a Minister of the Gospel
The History of Wilhelmina Susannah Dormer Containing a Wonderful Series of Events
The Unfortunate Caledonian in England Or Genuine Memoirs of an Impressed Young Gentleman in the Year 1779 Written by Himself
The True Interest of the Princes of Europe at This Present Juncture in Familiar Letters from Their Respective Courts to a Gentleman in England
The Perfidious P--- Being Letters from a Nobleman to Two Ladies Under the Borrowd Names of Corydon Clarinda Lucina with the Ladies Answers
A Vindication of the D-- Of G-- In Answer to a Letter Signed Junius Inserted in the Publick Advertiser of Saturday the 18th of March
An Historical Account of the Antiquities in the Cathedral Church of St Mary Lincoln Abridged from William of Malmsbury Matthew Paris Prince Compiled to Gratify the Curious Inspector of This Magnificent Pile of Building
A Vindication of the Present Ministry from the Many Flagrant Calumnies Gross Misrepresentations and Evident Falsities Contained in a Book Intitled the History of the Late Minority c c c in a Letter to the Supposed Authors of That Piece
A Letter to the Right Honourable Charles James Fox on the Late Conduct of His Party
The History of Publick and Solemn State Oaths Containing All Those That Have Been Taken by the Kings of England
The Divine Institution Order and Government of a Visible Church of Christ According to the Direction Left by Him in the New Testament Asserted Explained and Vindicated by John Williams
The London and Country Brewer by a Person Formerly Concerned in a Common Brewhouse at London Part I the Third Edition Corrected
The History of the Seven Wise Masters of Rome Newly Corrected and Better Explained in Many Places
The New and Complete Guide to the East-India Trade Containing a Table of East-India Interest Tables to Reduce Rupees Into Sterling Tables of Bombay Maunds by the Late Mr Robert Stevens the Second Edition Enlarged and Corrected
A Compleat History of French Invasions from the Revolution to the Present Time Containing a Particular Account of the Intended Descent in 1690 After the Battel [sic] of Beachy Head Collected from Manuscript as Well as Printed Authorities
The Way to Get and to Save Wealth or the Sure Method to Live Well in the World Being the Pleasant Art of Money-Getting to Which Is Added the Way How to Turn a Penny Or the Art of Thriving the Third Edition Corrected and Much Enlarged
The Charter of the Royal Canal Company with Their Rules and Extracts from the Act of the 29th of His Present Majesty George III with an Index to Which Is Prefixed a List of the Subscribers
The Psalter Or Psalms of David Pointed as They Are to Be Sung or Said in Churches with the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer
A Political Grammar Adapted to the Meridian of Great Britain in Which the Welfare and Safety of Every Subject Is Deeply Concernd
An Answer to an Anonymous Libel Entitled Articles Exhibited Against Lord Archibald Hamilton by Lord Archibald Hamilton
A Letter from Britannia to the King
A Tariff or Book of Rates of the Customs to Be Levied on Goods Imported Exported at the Port and Frontier Custom-Houses Translated from the Russ
A Scheme for the Restoring and Making the Navigation of the River Witham from Boston to Lincoln and Also for Draining the Low-Lands and Fenns Contiguous Thereto by John Grundy Sen and Jun of Spalding
The Sentimental Mother a Comedy in Five Acts The Legacy of an Old Friend and His Last Moral Lesson to Mrs Hester Lynch Thrale Now Mrs Hetser [sic] Lynch Piozzi
An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of Exmooor Language Between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman Thomasin Moreman Also an Exmoor Courtship Together with Notes and a Vocabulary the Ninth Edition Carefully Corrected and Revised
The Case Re-Stated Or an Examine of a Late Pamphlet Intitled the State of the Nation of the Year 1747 c in a Letter to a Friend
The Only Sure Guide to the English Tongue Or New Pronouncing Spelling-Book to Which Is Added an Appendix Containing Several Very Useful Lists of Words Properly Accented by W Perry the Eighth Edition
A Short and Modest Reply to a Book Intituled the Dutch Displayed
A Refutation of the Letter to an Honble Brigadier-General Commander of His Majestys Forces in Canada by an Officer
The Trial of Mrs Mary Heath a Witness Examined on a Trial in the Court of Exchequer in Michaelmas Term 1743 in a Cause Wherein Campbell Craig Was Plaintiff Together with an Appendix
An ACT for Repairing and Widening the High Road from Wetherby to Grassington
The Ghost by C Churchill the Third Edition with Additions
The Honourableness of Marriage Adjusted and Defended Together with Observations and Reflections Relating to the Conduct of Married Persons in a Letter to a Freind
The Woodman a Comic Opera in Three Acts As Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden with Universal Applause by Mr Bate Dudley the Second Edition
The Life and Death of Thomas Lord Cromwell by Mr William Shakespear
A New Weymouth Guide Containing a Description of Weymouth Portland Lulworth Castle and Every Place in the Neighbourhood Worthy the Observation of Strangers
An Inquiry Into the Moral and Political Tendency of the Religion Called Roman Catholic
An Essay Upon the Propitious and Glorious Reign of Our Gracious Sovereign Anne to Which Are Subjoined the Characters of Several Eminent Ministers of State
The New Entertaining Novellist [sic] Being a Selection of Stories from the Most Approved Modern Authors
The Case of Capt George Frye President of the Council in the Island of Montserrat and Also Copies of the Impeachment Preferred Against Him Captain Fryes Answer Thereto And the Assemblys Replication
A View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France by the Honourable Thomas Erskine the Eleventh Edition
The General Principles of Grammar Especially Adapted to the English Tongue with a Method of Parsing and Examination for the Use of Schools by John Collyer
The British Diary Being an Ephemeris for the Year of Our Lord God 1746 the Seventh Impression by John Sharp
A Banquet for Gentlemen and Ladies Consisting of Nine Comick and Tragick Novels Viz the Treacherous Friend the Jealous Husbands the Friendly Cheat Intermixd with Several Pleasant and Delightful Tales and Stories the Second Impression
A Dialogue Between a Parishioner and the Rector of His Parish Concerning the Oath Required by the National Assembly to Be Taken by the Established Clergy Tbanslated [sic] from the Second Edition Printed at Paris by the Rev James Barnard
The Country Wife a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal Written by Mr Wycherley
The Eighth Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine Take and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom
The Principles Elements or Primary Particles of Bodies Inquired Into And Found to Be Neither Those of the Chymists or of the Natural Philosophers But Earth Water Air Fire and Frost by John Gibson MD
A Short Account of the Most Common Diseases Incident to Armies with the Method of Cure Translated from the Original of Baron Van Swieten
The Sense of the People Concerning the Present State of Affars [sic] with Remarks Upon Some Passages of Our Own and the Roman History in a Letter to a Member of Paliament [sic]
The Key of Knowledge Or Universal Conjuror Unfolding the Mysteries of the Occult Sciences and Being a Guide to the Temple of Wisdom by Malcolm MacLeod
The Tragedy of Jane Shore as It Is Acted at the Theatres Royal in Drury Lane and Covent Garden by N Rowe Esq
A List of the Liverymen of the City of London
A Discourse Concerning the Process of the General Judgment in Which the Modern Notions of Universal Salvation Are Particularly Considered by Nathanael Emmons AM Pastor of the Church in Franklin [two Lines of Quotation]
The Sources of Corrupting Both Natural and Revealed Religion Exemplified in the Romish Doctrine of Penance and Pilgrimages a Sermon Preached at Salters-Hall February 27 1734-5 by Jeremiah Hunt DD the Second Edition
An Essay on the Origin and Use of Tables of Latitude and Departure Particularly as They Are Suited to the Purposes of Land Surveying
A New Description of Merryland Containing a Topographical Geographical and Natural History of That Country
The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem from the Commandments of the Decalogue Translated from the Latin of the Hon Emanuel Swedenborg the Second Edition
The Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Convened at Edinburgh the 17th Day of May 1798
The Pre-Existence of Souls and Universal Restitution Considered as Scripture Doctrines Extracted from the Minutes and Correspondence of Burnham Society in the County of Somerset
The Seamans Daily Assistant Being a Short Easy and Plain Method of Keeping a Journal at Sea by Thomas Haselden
The Primitive Liturgy and Eucharist According to the Institution of Christ and His Apostles for the Use of the Oratory with Two Homilies and a New Preface the Fifth Edition
The Beauties of Mrs Robinson Selected and Arranged from Her Poetical Works
A Letter to the Norfolk Farmers on the Present High Price of Corn c c c by Major-General J Money
The Rise Progress and Present State of the Dispute Between the People of America and the Administration by the Bishop of -
The Rainbow of the Covenant Surrounding the Throne of Grace Being the Substance of Some Sermons Preached at the Sacrament of Muckart June 23 1728 by Mr Ebenezer Erskine the Second Edition
A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning the Virtues of Tar-Water by the Rev Dr George Berkeley
Canap Couleur de Feu Par M de *** Nouvelle Edition Le
An Answer to the Rev Mr Gardens Three First Letters to the Rev Mr Whitefield with an Appendix Concerning Mr Gardens Treatment of Mr Whitefield c [four Lines from Romans]
An Address to the Inhabitants of the District of Maine Upon the Subject of Their Separation from the Present Government of Massachusetts by One of Their Fellow Citizens
The Wonderful Life and Most Surprising Adventures of That Renowned Hero Robinson Crusoe Who Lived Twenty-Eight Years on an Uninhabited Island Which He Afterwards Colonised
The Orphan of China a Tragedy Translated from the French of M de Voltaire First Acted at Paris on the 20th of August 1755
The Time of Danger the Means of Safety and the Way of Holiness Being the Substance of Three Sermons Preached on the Late Public Fast-Days to Which Is Added the Cross of Christ the Christians Glory by James Hervey
The Ladies Friend Being a Treatise on the Virtues and Qualifications Which Are the Brightest Ornaments of the Fair Sex and Render Them Most Agreeable to the Sensible Part of Mankind
The Ghost by Felix Phantom
An Essay on the Education of a Young British Nobleman After He Leaves the Schools to Which Are Added Some Observations on the Office of an Ambassador
The History of the Seven Wise Masters of Rome Containing Many Pleasant and Witty Narrations Very Delightful to Read
The Lamentation of Mary Magdalen from Chaucer
The Commentator
A Supplement to the Builders Jewel Containing I Mensuration of Superficies and Solids XII the Gothic Order Illustrated by Upwards of 132 Examples Engraved on 44 Copper-Plates
The Progress of Dulness or the Rare Adventures of Tom Brainless by the Celebrated Author of MCFingal
The Eleventh Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine Take and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom
The Aberdeen Almanack for the Year 1785
The Young Quaker A Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Smock-Alley with Great Applause
The Laws Concerning Travelling c Viz 1 Robbery 2 of Such Accidents as the Traveller Is Liable to Upon the Road Collected and Printed for the Benefit of All Merchants Shop Keepers and Travellers
An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope Esq Enlarged and Improved by the Author with Notes by William Warberton Ma
The Appendix to the Eighth Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine Take and State the Public Accounts of the Kingdom

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