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Warrington Information

Warrington is a large Cheshire town and happens to be a great location to visit or stay when planning a short trip to Manchester or Liverpool. Here is interesting Warrington information that you should know about when planning your next trip to this old town.

• Warrington Was The Home To The First Ikeas Store In The UK

People who have a passion for Swedish meatballs and flat-pack furniture need to be aware of Warrington's importance. IKEA the giant Scandinavian home-accessories store first established their stores in Britain in Warrington which was first built in the year 1987.

• Warrington Is A Very Old "New Town"

Warrington was designated as a "new town" in regards to the New Towns Act of 1946, but it is actually a very old town. This town has been the crossing-point over the River Mersey for a number of centuries, along with evidence in association to Roman settlements and the Bronze Age in this area.

• Warrington Has A Significant Place In The History Of American History

Warrington is well-known over the Atlantic than you may expect. The Burtonwood RAF base in World War II happened to be the biggest airfield for US Air Forces outside their own country.

• The Rugby League Team Has Never Been Relegated

The primary sport in regards to Warrington happens to be their rugby league and for very good reasons. The well-known Warrington Wolves happen to be the sole club which has played in all the seasons of this sport's top divisions.

• Lewis Carroll Happens To Be A Warrington Lad

The Warrington residents proudly consider Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" a resident of this town. Carroll was born close to Daresbury which may explain inspiration for some of his characters such as the Cheshire Cat.

• Warrington Had The Country's First-Rate Supported Library

At one stage the people were forced to pay in order to make use of the local libraries. The Warrington Central Library was the one to change all of this, and is believed to be the very first in the UK to change to the tax-supported model.

• Warrington Provides Outstanding Accommodation

Other important Warrington information is that it happens to be one of the best locations to unwind and relax after exciting excursions around Warrington would be the Best Western Hallmark Hotel Warrington Fir Grove. This hotel offers an ideally situated and elegant spot for family-orientated breaks.

• Oliver Cromwell Used To Be A Regular Visitor

Warrington is not only steeped in literary-history, but also real events which contributed to shaping Britain into what it is today. At the time of the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell a military leader for the army used to stay in this town.

• Disney Recently Filmed In The Town Of Warrington

This may seem like an unusual spot for this worldwide enterprise to use, but the fantasy Disney series Evermoor was filmed in a warehouse in Warrington. Disney went onto explain that tax breaks that were favorable played an important role in choosing this location. They also made mention of the outstanding local acting talents.


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